Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Live Blogging of the American Idol Pre-Show

Ok, I just discovered the TV Guide Channel pre-show/red carpet special for American Idol. There are Idols everywhere -- it's like Idol-world heaven.

I'm late to the game, but here we go...

7:02PM It's totally Justin Guarini interviewing Phil Stacey, in full-out navy uniform. This is intense!

7:03PM Chris Richardson, Haley Scarnato, and Gina Glocksen being interviewed by Kimberly Caldwell and Rosanna Tavarez. I'm obsessed. Gina's got a bit of an attitude, but Haley and Chris both look great. Oh my god, it's Jordin! She seems pretty not-nervous. Give her two hours...she'll get there.

7:05PM Time for the Velvet Teddybear himself, Ruben Studdard. He's looking pretty slim and sharp. Supposedly he's "on the road promoting his new album." Good to know he's workin'. (Ok, he's not Kelly or Carrie, but he has two songs on the Urban AC chart right now, so give the man his due.)

7:07PM Yes, it's time for the man of the hour, Blake Lewis. He's talking about vintage clothes. Was that tuxedo shirt vintage Blake? Was it? As I'm watching him I can't help but wonder if he knows that he was today's Idol Thoughts Person of the Day. I'm guessing not.

7:12PM Simon and Randy are up. These guys are pretty funny together, actually. Oh look, it's Taylor Hicks, and Kimberly is asking Simon an awkward question about what it is like to see someone you said wouldn't be successful become successful. That would be funny with Carrie Underwood, who is actually successful. But with Taylor -- not so funny.

7:14PM Taylor's actually lookin' pretty good -- he's definitely lost weight. It seems all the Idols -- Carrie, Ruben, Taylor -- have lost weight -- except Kelly. God love her and her badunkadunk.

7:15PM So far they've panned to Mandisa, Paris, and Zac Efron. Star-studded!

7:16PM It's Paula and Sanjaya. Paula is dangerously approaching Anna Nicole Smith territory. She is a total mess.

7:17PM George Huff! Scott Savol! Anwar Robinson!

7:21PM It's the Hoff, in the flesh. Wow, Idol really is the place to go to redeem your image (yes, I watched the drunken hamburger video). Poor guy, he's had to answer for that single tear when Taylor Hicks won all year long.

7:23PM Justin Guarini is interviewing Melinda Doolittle and Brandon Rogers. It so could have been Melinda waiting for results tonight. What is wrong with you America?

7:28PM Carrie Underwood is a huge star. (Just thought I'd be redundant for a moment). She just said that this year's Idol look at her like "wow." Well, I mean, I guess it's probably true. I can't wait to see what Carrie performs tonight.

7:30PM Oy, more Paula, this time being interviewed by Justin Guarini. Let this woman lie down, people. She's putting together coherent sentences, she's just slurring her words. Oh -- she just said it wasn't fair for Justin to have to sing "A Moment Like This." Drama!

7:31PM Brad Garrett. Enough with Brad Garrett -- he stormed the stage on that one results show. Two strikes and your out, buddy.

7:35PM Smokey Robinson. I think all he does these days is show up at random episodes of American Idol. Get a job, Smokey.

7:36PM LaKisha looks fierce. It's good to see her.

7:37PM Ooh, there's Jennifer Hudson, looking like the Oscar winning superstar that she is.

7:41PM I'm over Ace. He's greasy. And annoying.

7:42PM Oh god, from greasy to greasier -- Constantine. I feel dirty just looking at him. Yuck.

Ok, that looks to be the end of the star sightings. 15 minutes until showtime -- can't wait!

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