Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol Producer Says The Girls May Have Split the Vote

In an interview today with TV Week, American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe said that the girls may have split the votes last night, paving the way for Blake to make it to the finale next week.

Nigel said "This is the best Top 3 that the show has ever had." He believes Melinda won the first round, Blake won the second round, and Jordin triumphed in the final round. He went on to say, "Blake was the best across the board last night, but, for me, both Jordin and Melinda are just more talented."

He also revealed that Blake called Maroon 5 himself to get "This Love" cleared.

He said "For me, Jordin is the best person to become the next American Idol," and concluded "It's gonna be an interesting result."

You can listen to the interview here.

What does that mean? Is Nigel trying to through us off track with this talk of Melinda and Jordin splitting the vote? Or will Jordin, who is Nigel's pick for the winner, be sent packin'? What do y'all think?

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Anonymous said...

I would like to write to say that I hope and pray that Blake win AI this season. He is different and puts his own twist on every song he performs.

Anonymous said...

A Jordin/Melinda finale would be a snoozefest.

Susie said...

Best top 3??? What a joke! I'm sorry, but all 3 are just very BORING to me and this is the worst season ever. Any one of last years top 3-or top 10 for that matter would blow these 3 out of the water. Last year was the best and the ONLY reason I'm watching tonight is to see Elliot. The only reason I'll watch the finale is to see the best talent to come off this show-Taylor Hicks-American Idol loves to shun him but they will soon be eating their words as he is a legend in the making. Of course AI will toot their horns for great finale ratings but the spike in ratings will be because Taylor is on. Maybe Nigel needs to check out Jay Lenos site and see what a great entertainer Taylor is.

Anonymous said...

A Melinda/Jordin final two would bore me to tears and I like them both. But in the context of a competition, I think Melinda and Blake would be the most interesting match-up.

I think Blake is mad talented and even though Melinda probably should be the winner, he belongs in the final two. Sorry Jordin.

Anonymous said...

When are some of you people going to let Season 5 go? Season 5 was loaded on personality and gimmicks, but not talent. The producers dropped the ball by not allowing the audience into the contestants lives like they did last year. That is what made last year. Not the talent. Save for Elliot, Chris, Mandisa, Kat and Paris, the talent pool was just as shallow last year. The only difference was that the producers made the voters "know" who they were voting for. They didn't do that this year and it has people labeling it with the "boring" comments made by overinvested viewers, who can't be objective and just hear the talent and not get so involved in their personal lives. This is the best Top 3 this show has had, IMO. I HAVE enjoyed the show this year. AI isn't the only juggernaut to lose ratings this year; all of the big shows have. It's a matter of people having lives and not getting so caught up in an entertainment show.

Btw, Taylor isn't a legend in the making. If that were the case then the millions that voted for him would've bought that wretched CD. He's not the "soul man" that his fans so wish he was. He's a gimmicky performer who amused the masses with his charm and stage persona. I like the guy, but a legend? Surely, you jest.

Hutchlover said...

Nygel's ears need to be cleaned. Or maybe he's lost his memory.

Ruben/Clay/KLo was the best three ever! With last season coming close behind.

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents...

AI is at the end of the day a singing competition, and with that said I think the voters will go in one of two directions. 1) Technical excellence: This is where Melinda (boring or not) has it all over anyone who has ever been on AI. 2) Creativity: This is Blake all the way. What he lacks in pure singing ability he most assuredly make up by making his performances entertaining and the most talked about.

Jordin, does not possess Melinda's skill, and IMHO is not even close, and does not no matter what she does elicit the excitement of Blake.

So, again IMHO, I see the final being Melinda and Blake. It is my hope that Melinda wins. Her performance of "W-O-M-A-N (the first time) "Have A Nice Day", "Nutbush City Limits" and most of all "My Funny Valentine" clearly demonstrates why she is head and shoulders better than all the rest.

There, had to get that off my chest... "Discuss"

Anonymous said...

Simon and Randy themselves stated categorically that this was a very untalented group. Taylor Hicks is the most talented idol ever and the only one I would fly overseas to see. I just watched him on Leno. Stating that others are talented when they sold 100,000 or 200,000 units is quite hilarious. Taylor was certified platinum and sold out a 58 state tour.

I would not compare any of these to be close to him. And Jordin particularly not.

Anonymous said...

Jordin didn't win any round last night, Nigel. And what a shock he thinks Jordin is the best person to be Idol - he'd think that if she turned mute. He's been ridiculous all along.

Jordin more talented than Blake? Absurd. Melinda, yes, in many ways. Jordin, no.

Anonymous said...

Is American Idol a singing contest? No, not strickly speaking. It is more of a talent contest and a contest to find an american entertainment idol...personality, singing ability, orginality, creativity, the ability to hold the stage, charisma and to be able to sell tons of records that will cement them as an American Idol. Elvis , Madonna, Jackson or Whitney all possessed some combination of these skills to become american idols. This years final three all have a mix of these qualities to various degrees but which of them will have that special mix of them to go on to have a successful career only time will tell no matter who wins. So chill folks and just enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Blake is the most overrated boring hack of an artist I've ever seen. He's a younger cooler Taylor Hicks. Melinda is a future Grammy winner, but not marketable in the mainstream. Jordin is the person who will do well like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Daughtry. I hope Blake wins so these ridiculous voters will gain an understanding of what crap he truly spews. The dude has a lousy voice and he's just NOT that interesting.

Anonymous said...

This season is so boring. Melinda is a great singer, but a snoozefest. Blake is a gimmick. Jordin has potential, but is inconsistent.

AI needs to quit making the show about the Judges and how great Idol is and go back to focusing on the Contestants. I think they would be better off lowering the age limit. With the age limit being 28, they are getting to many Professionals, instead of really good amateurs.

The only Seasons where there was great Talent was Seasons 1, 2, and 4.

Jeff said...

This is by far the Worst. Season. Ever. Most folks in my office have tuned out completely. Ratings have dropped 19% compared to last season's Top 3. And they dropped 9% from just last week. Every week they seem to lose a million viewers. "House" is now beating AI in the key ratings. They really fumbled in casting this group of dreary contestants.

I hope next season they majorly revamp this show. They need to make changes and cast better contestants!!

This year is a write-off, but I will tune back in next season.

Friendly said...

Wow, Anonymous, did Taylor really go platinum and sell out in 58 states? Wow...the record up until now had been 50...I guess Taylor beat the record by 8...he must have been the first to sell out in East and West Dakota, Old Hampshire, East & West Carolina, North & South Virginia, and Middle Montana.

Anonymous said...

Taylor is the worst idol yet, he is a over rated performer with an average voice he is going to be the first winner to not sell a million albums. He has fallen off the billboard 200. This is one of the worst seasons of idol along with season 5.

I hope jordin wins i think she is the most marketable for the idol handlers. I am a big AI fan but i hope that 2 mediocre seasons in a row put a major dent in the ratings and the producers pocketbooks that they consider putting an end to it before it turns into a bigger joke than it is.