Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And The Winner of American Idol Will Be...


No need for Green, Yellow and Red Zones this week -- Jordin Sparks will be the winner of American Idol Season 6.

Jordin had an edge over Blake Lewis coming into last night's show, and by the end of the night she had the title all sewn up.

It wasn't without a battle from Blake, though -- his "You Give Love a Bad Name" was totally electric, and his "She Will Be Loved" was sweet and well-sung.

However, it all comes down to the final song, "This is My Now." While Kelly & Justin, Fantasia & Diana, and Carrie & Bo all had to perform the same song, last night's show was the first time the contestants have had to sing the same song back-to-back. And by having the performances immediately follow each other it became abundantly clear whose rendition was better -- far, far better, in fact. As Jordin wailed the high notes, singing about leaving behind her "yesterdays," it was practically a coronation right there on the spot.

I'm sure the young girls voted their fingers off last night for Blake, but it simply won't be enough. Not only has Jordin amassed her own large fanbase over the course of the season, she likely picked up most of the votes that had been going to Melinda, along with the votes of casual viewers who wait to be blown away to pick up the phone. Jordin blew them away last night -- and she will be rewarded with a victory.

Yes, Jordin Sparks will be named the American Idol.


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nancy said...

since her audition i knew
she was going far in this
JORDIN is definitely my winner
although this season wasnt as good
as others

Steph said...

I have to say that last song really stunk and it made me feel like the producers picked it just to be sure Jordin won. Although I do agree Jordin has a fabulous voice, she definately lacks in the entertainment side. I really think Blake will be a more successful performer and recording artist, he's got something.. I for one will be buying his album when it comes out!!!