Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ian Ziering Waltzes Out: Dancing with the Stars Results

It was time for him to go.

Ian Ziering had a good run, he really did. And he had a great partner, who likely has a pretty sizable fanbase herself (I know my friend Nick is a fan club member). But in the end, he just doesn't have the chops of the remaining competitors. Even though at times it was almost painful to see how badly Ian was trying, he ultimately proved himself to be an endearing, if occasionally heartbreaking, character.

Ian's exit leaves us with undoubtedly the competition's three best teams -- Laila and Max, Apolo and Julianne, and Joey and Kym. If last night's electric performances are any indication, that trio should make for a very exciting finale.

I am refusing to comment on the other 50 minutes of filler the producers mandated we sit through to get to the results, except to say that I did find slightly interesting the comparison between the athletes and the entertainers. But only slightly.

Enrique Iglesias? I liked him better with the mole.

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1 comment:

nick said...


Yes it was his time to go, but it wasn't her time to go. I wanted to see what brilliant piece of choreography she was going to create for the freestyle routine.