Friday, May 18, 2007

Idol Thoughts on Grey's Anatomy Season Finale

For a show that has kept me on the edge of my seat for the past three years, last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy was a bit of a disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, there were still some spectacular and surprising moments. I didn't predict, for example, that George wouldn't pass his intern test -- that's an unexpected twist that will certainly have big repercussions next season, as George has to decide whether to repeat his intern year or simply leave the program (in addition, of course, to figuring out how to sort out his love for two very different women). I don't know how that one is going to pan out, but I'm eager and interested to find out. And I loved his answer when Lexie asked him if had any advice -- simply "No."

And the way the Burke/Christina wedding played out was compelling and complex, raising interesting questions about whether we want the person we are in a relationship with to change who they are for us, or if we love them for who they really are. After her momentary freak-out at the wedding chapel, Christina really did seem ready to walk down the aisle, which made her exclamation of "I'm free" after Burke had left her all the more powerful. Did she want to give herself over to the "happy ending," or was that "happy ending" designed for someone Christina thought she was supposed to be? Throughout the episode Sandra Oh played every moment perfectly, and her final breakdown even left me a bit misty.

In fact, all of the acting was excellent throughout the episode -- TR Knight's quiet realization that his whole life was crumbling around him was heartbreaking; Chandra Wilson's devastation at being passed over for the chief residency was palpable; and Ellen Pompeo's confusion over whether or not she was able to commit to Derek was utterly believable. Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, and Katherine Heigl also had incredibly powerful moments throughout the show.

So what are my complaints? Well, there's a few.

First of all, for weeks we've been waiting for the George & Izzie affair to hit the fan, for Callie to find out, for something other than longing looks between the two and stolen elevator kisses. Instead, we get talk of Callie and George trying to have a baby? I buy that Callie is trying to hold on as she feels George slipping away, but I was hoping for more of an explosion -- but I guess we'll have to wait until next season to see how that all plays out.

Then there's the whole search-for-the-chief thing. This storyline has been going on for months, and what do we get for a resolution -- the chief is staying? Boring! Yeah, yeah, I get that we'll get to see how he will do things differently "the second time around," but I still feel like I've been a bit manipulated.

The Alex-running-to-Ava's-room-but-he's-too-late moment was also a bit annoying -- after months of watching Alex's bad-boy persona start to thaw, he figure's out he really does want to be with her, but just a moment too late? Come on! I have loved much of this storyline throughout the season (and enjoyed watching Justin Chambers reveal different layers to his character), but this ending feels a bit trite to me.

And what about Addison? We know she's leaving (Private Practice was picked up for the fall, after all), and we got a hint as to what the straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back was (the Chief's comment that she should "find a new job or find a new life"), but we never actually saw Addison quit and we never got to see her say goodbye to anyone. What's going to happen in the fall -- she'll just show up in LA? Considering the history she has with Derek and Mark (not to mention the friendships she's developed with Callie and Alex, and her complex relationships with Meredith), it would have been nice to see Addison actually depart Seattle Grace before setting off on her new life. Ah well.

Speaking of leaving -- is Burke gone? As in off the show gone?

And finally, there's the little issue of Meredith's sister showing up as a new intern. Aren't there any other hospitals in Seattle? And won't Meredith's father have an issue with Lexie working at the hospital where his wife (and Lexie's mother) just died? I hope Shonda Rhimes and company can resist the urge to have Lexie start hooking up with Derek -- if Meredith's half-sister has Meredith's father, her job, and her McDreamy, it may be too much for our little waif to handle. Hopefully there is a different reason the writers have in mind for Lexie's arrival.

Despite these reservations, I still love the show, and I, like millions of other fans, will wait patiently until the fall so we can see how everything pans out. I'm rootin' for these folks.

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand anything of it. Starting with Addison: How could she leave like that? Is she going to appear in the first episode of s4? And her relationship with Alex should've end better. I think Kate Walsh is an amazing actress and since the start of the show, Shonda has tried to make the character "fall", but she's just that great that she continued to get more and more fans, so the only way of stopping her from becoming the most likeable character was getting her off (oh, but in a new show, because it's all convenient).
Anyway, the Burke / Christina plot. This continues to repeat itself. Burke has always look for reasons why not to be with Christina, ever since they started their relationship. So when she finally wants to prove him that she wants to be with him for the rest of her life, he again do the same thing, telling her not to do this for him. Come on! This is absurd.
Regarding the chief of surgery story, this is yet another reason to make me like Derek even less. He was wining during several episodes about why didn't the chief offered him the spot directly, and everything, and when he finally gets it, he throws it away. Of course, there wasn't any doubt he will get it, right? But now, the chief is back. As you said... boring.
This was a show I was willing to see everyday this season, and frankly, since half the season it has dissapointed me like hell. I can't believe we come to this. Seriously, if it wasn't for Baily, Alex, Christina and Meredith (just Meredith, Derek not included), and of course, Addison, this show would've been forgettable. I would be lying if I say I won't be looking back at season 4, but I'm just interested in these characters storylines. I like Callie, as well, but her recent plotline just doesn¡t go with me.
I hope the writing becomes better next season, more reasonable, more credible, and more mature.