Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Person of the Day: Christina Aguilera

This was not a good weekend for young starlets. Lindsay Lohan was arrested on a DUI and found with cocaine in her car, and then passed out at a club less than 48 hours later. Mischa Barton was rushed to the hospital after mixing prescription medication with alcohol (or illegal mushrooms, depending on who you believe). The latest photos of Nicole Ritchie show that she is back to wasting away. And, lest we forget, Paris Hilton is heading to jail and Britney Spears has popped out two children in the last couple of years and still manages to find time to do non-stop club hopping, even after a stint in rehab.

Which brings me to today's Person of the Day -- Christina Aguilera. For awhile there it seemed like Xtina was the problem child, what with songs like "Dirrrty" and her penchant for wearing chaps and other revealing clothing. But whaddaya know? Ms. A is riding high, while her contemporaries are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

While her most recent album "Back to Basics" has not been the bona fide success her earlier "Stripped" was, Christina has still had several hit singles ("Ain't No Other Man," "Hurt," and "Candyman") and found time to set off on a very successful national tour. I saw the lady perform at Madison Square Garden in NYC a couple of months ago, and she puts as much energy into her live performance as Lindsay and Mischa do while getting their drink-on on a Saturday (or, let's face it, Monday) night. This is the second time I have seen Christina in concert, and I must say she puts on one of the best shows of anyone I've seen.

Christina seems to have found true happiness in her life, courtesy of husband Jordan Bratman, and that support seems to have provided her with a grounding force that these other girls are apparently lacking. I'm not just talking about her more ladylike apparel -- I loved Christina when she was dirrrrrty, and I love her now that she is cleeeeeean. She just seems relaxed and happy with who she is, and that is a pleasure to see.

Who would have thought Christina would end up being the good role model?

Congrats, Christina, on being today's Idol Thoughts Person of the Day.

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