Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Finale Performances: Round 3

So, the way I see it, Blake grabbed the first round and Jordin took the second, meaning it's all going to come down to the finale performance -- the new song.

Does anyone else, by the way, find it ironic that they held a nationwide competition and people voted, and we still got a song with an uber-cheesy title like "This is My Now"? Just saying.

Here we go...

Blake Lewis - "This is My Now"
Ooh. Ouch. That was kind of a hot mess...only not so hot. First off, this was not a good song for Blake -- this kind of song was designed for a singer like Jordin, who lives in the land of high belting. He had no opportunity to infuse his Blake-ness into the song, and for his last performance of the competition, that's a real shame.
He just doesn't have the vocal chops to pull this off -- and based on his body language, he knew it. He started strong, then was flat, then sharp, then had a couple of moments of sweetness, then back to flat again.

That's a bummer.

Jordin Sparks - "This is My Now"
Oh, so that is what the song was supposed to sound like? Makes much more sense now. Sweet mother, that girl can sing. And I'd be lying if I said a tear didn't come to my eye by the end of the song.

Yes, my friends, this is likely the song we will hear on Thursday morning on the radio, as your DJ announces "new music by your new American Idol, Jordin Sparks."

Jordin must have been so psyched when she found out what the winning song would be. It would give her the chance to be dramatic. maybe shed a tear or two at the end, and hit crazy sustained high notes? Score!

Sure, the lower notes were a little wonky, but who the hell cares -- that is an American Idol-worthy voice, through and through. Simply superb.

Nice to see Chris Daughtry, by the way.

Round 3..and the title of American Idol... Goes To...
When Justin Guarini sang "A Moment Like This," it was eh. When Kelly Clarkson sang "A Moment Like This," it was genius.

Same thing happened when Diana Degarmo attempted "I Believe" -- it was actually pretty good. But then Fantasia came out, and made it seem as though the song was written expressly for her.

And Carrie Underwood's version of "Inside Your Heaven" blows Bo Bice's out of the water.

That's the difference between an American Idol winner and an American Idol runner-up. And it may just end up being the difference between Jordin and Blake.

Yes, Jordin owned that song...it wasn't even a competition. And if, as I suspect, the final song was going to sway it one way or the other in the minds of undecided voters , then Jordin easily captured it.

Check back at around noon tomorrow for my final prediction, but right now it's looking like a Jordin victory through and through.

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