Monday, May 21, 2007

Looking Forward To So You Think You Can Dance

When one door closes, another one opens.

Yes, American Idol is coming to a close for the year, but we've got the debut of another equally addictive treat right around the corner -- So You Think You Can Dance!

I've gotta say, I absolutely love this show! Young, in-shape guys and gals doing amazing dances by world-class choreographers to great music? What more could you ask for? Throw in some very entertaining judges (that Mary Murphy is a hoot!) and you've got a little slice of reality show heaven.

Unlike American Idol, where it is possible someone with a god-given gift, or simply a likeable personality, could advance far in the competition, the folks on So You Think You Can Dance have been training and working their entire lives for an experience like this. There are not many venues for dancers to show what they can do, and the excitement the contestants feel at getting to share their gifts and hard work with the world is palpable.

And let's not forget, the show has produced two of the cutest, most talented reality show contestants ever -- first season winner Nick Lazzarini, and second season runner-up Travis Wall. Add in Season 1's Melody, Jamile, and Ashley, and Season 2's Benji, Allison, Ivan, Heidi, and Natalie, and there's eye-candy for everyone!

To get us in the mood for some dancing, below are some pictures (taken by my good friend Karen T) from the So You Think You Can Dance tour -- I was there with some pals in the 3rd row, and it was fierce! Be sure to keep checking Idol Thoughts this summer for So You Think You Can Dance recaps, predictions, best-of lists and more.

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nick said...

That concert was the best night ever! Can't wait for this season!