Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kelly vs. Clive: The Battle Continues; Clips of Kelly's New Songs Now Available

What did we do before the internet? Did we actually have to wait until a CD was released in a store to get a sense of what it was going to sound like?

Thankfully these days we have things like AOL Music, which is providing a sneak peek at a few songs from Kelly Clarkson's new album, "My December," which will be released June 26.

The songs previewed on the site are "Sober" (which has a haunting refrain and some unbelievable singing from Ms. C), "Can I Have a Kiss" (which has a playful, almost Sheryl Crow-esque sound), and "Maybe," a scorcher which Kelly sang on her last tour.

While each snippet is only about 1 minute in length, all three songs, to my ear, sound fantastic, and I can't wait for the album to come out. Can. Not. Wait.

I want this album to do incredibly well, not only because I love Kelly Clarkson (and I do love me some Kelly Clarkson), but because, due to the Kelly vs. Clive Davis debacle, it will also represent a victory of artistry over commerce. Clive has allegedly been against this album since Kelly turned it in to the record company in January, mostly because she wrote all of the songs herself and chose not to work with the producers who crafted some of her previous hits. First there were rumors that Clive talked sh*t about Kelly during a promotional presentation, then there was the threat that the CD might not be released, and then, of course, the final straw was his speech at the American Idol finale, where he plugged new singles by Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee, commended Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood for their huge record sales, and then seemed to take a swipe at Kelly by only mentioning her in terms of the songwriters who penned "Since U Been Gone." How about those 15 million albums Kelly sold, Clive? You didn't think those might be worthy of mention?

Thankfully, there does seem to be a bit of a Clive backlash brewing, with various artists expressing their support for Kelly, and articles popping up on various websites, including TMZ, taking Clive to task. New York Post's Page Six had a headline today that read "Note to music industry legend Clive Davis: Stop trashing Kelly Clarkson - you are making yourself look bad."

Gotta love it!

You can listen to the clips from Kelly's new album here.

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Anonymous said...

clive should have kept his mouth shut on the idol finale. I can't believe he praised chris' writing & purposely ignored Kelly's, which has actually won awards.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I don't care for the new songs. There is no hook to them, and I'm wondering if perhaps Clive was right. I love Rock and alt rock but I always liked that kelly's songs still had a little pop catchiness to them. These don't and while I prefer artists that write their own songs and would love to hear a little less bitter breakup subject matter from Kelly, I can't help but think this might not do as well for her as the previous album. We'll see- hope I'm wrong.