Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Idol Thoughts on CBS' Fall Schedule

You have to hand it to CBS -- after years of development slates that included crime shows, crime show, and, yes, more crime shows, they have really gone out on a limb this season, picking up four new shows, only one of which has a crime slant. Nice work, CBS!

Not only are their new shows mostly non-crime oriented, they may be some of the most different and provocative shows on any network. Wait, this is CBS we are talking about, right?

Viva Laughlin, a musical mystery executive produced by and starring Hugh Jackman, has to be one of the biggest risks of the season, but if it pays off (and doesn't become the next Cop Rock) it could be really exciting. Swingtown (which will appear mid-season) also has a chance at major buzz, especially if it turns out to be an even sexier, naughtier version of Desperate Houswives. Sexy and CBS -- whoever thought those words would go together?

Other thoughts:

-Smart move putting Without a Trace back on Thursdays. I probably only watched the show a handful of times this season, due to the fact that there were so many football overruns, and my Tivo just couldn't handle it. Shark will be talking it's place on Sundays at 10, which is a-ok with me since I can't stomach James Woods anyways.

-I'm glad the network did away with Close to Home -- even though it was pulling in decent numbers, it really was mediocre, at best. Why they chose to keep Ghost Whisperer, which actually attracts fewer viewers than Home, I don't know.

-I'm happy, however, that How I Met Your Mother was renewed for another season. I'm not a big sitcom person, but this one actually makes me chuckle (that Doogie is a hoot!)

-I'll miss The Amazing Race in the fall, but I'm glad it will be back for midseason.

Next up Fox and The CW...

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