Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fantasia Will Perform on the Tony Awards

I haven't seen a press release or an article about this yet, but as I was reading USA Today during my lunch, I noticed an ad for the Tony Awards (honoring the best of Broadway) that included the line "Fantasia will perform a song from The Color Purple."

This is particularly interesting since there has been a little bit of a brouhaha about which shows will get to perform on this year's awards. Generally, only the nominees for Best Musical (Spring Awakening, Grey Gardens, Mary Poppins and Curtains) and the nominees for Best Musical Revival (110 in the Shade, A Chorus Line, Company, The Apple Tree) get to perform, but there has been a push to include Legally Blonde and Love/Musik on the ceremony as well. Since The Color Purple opened last year and is therefore not eligible for any of this year's awards, by including Fantasia in the proceedings the producers of the ceremony must hope television ratings will improve. And, let's be honest, when sales for The Color Purple shoot up after
'Tasia's performance, I'm sure Oprah and the other producers won't mind being used one bit!

So, I guess Fantasia is performing on the Tony Awards! The ceremony will be broadcast on CBS from 8-11PM on Sunday June 10.

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