Sunday, May 13, 2007

Song Spoilers for Tuesday's American Idol


The judges choices for the final three American Idol contestants have made their way onto the world wide web (they will sing one song that the judges have chosen, one song of their own choosing, and one song chosen by Clive Davis).

And they are..

Simon has chosen "Wishing on a Star" by Rose Royce for Jordin Sparks.

Paula has chosen "Roxanne" by The Police for Blake Lewis.

Randy has chosen "I Believe in You and Me" for Melinda Doolittle.

I say kudos to Simon and especially Paula, but Randy, what were you thinking? Not only has the song been sung several times on the show before (memorably by Jennifer Hudson in that pink easter dress in the Wildcard round of Season 3), but it kinda plays to Melinda's same-sameness. How about a rock song, or a Tina Turner song? I'm disappointed in you, Randy.

What do you all think of the judges' song choices for the contestants?

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the other judges did much better.

This boring Rose Royce song is the best Simon could do? I can't see Jordin doing well with it.

And Blake doing Sting? What was Paula thinking? This song will eat him alive.

Hutchlover said...

In theory, I agree with you about Randy's song choice for Melinda. TT would've been a MUCH better choice, IF they could've gotten approval. However, aside from Trenyce & JHud, no one could really pull Whitney. So he may be testing her.

However, I think Simon's song for Jordin is pure mushy sap. Have you ever heard the words? Rainbows and love and wishes? This is the kind of insipid crap we usually get for the "winner's song". And depending on the key, it may also show Jordin's weaknesses and her inability to stop screaching higher notes.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to "Wishing on a Star". Very sappy, but I think it will show Jordin's youth and incredible ability. Simon did a great job and I think Jordin will bring down the house with this one!
Anyone remember Kat's Somewhere over the Rainbow? It worked.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I thought the same thing- the judges keep saying they want a "wow" performance from her that lets her let go and then he gives her a sappy ballad she can't possibly do anything with that can make that happen. I was thinking the same thing about a Tina Song- perrhaps "Better Be Good to Me" or "Proud Mary"- she's done a ballad like this a dozen times and it is too dull to make exciting.

Granted, I don't think Jordin's choice is that much better. I do think Blake's choice is a good one for him.

Ranto said...

Paula always chooses songs that won't work (remember Bo having to do SATISFACTION and Elliott being given a song that no one had ever hear?). Poor Blake -- he doesn;t hav ethe range to do a Sting song.

But as bad as Paula is at choosing songs, Clive Davis is much worse. Prepare yourself for a crapfest.