Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dancing with the Stars: Wow!

Wow! What a great evening of performances on Dancing with the Stars. It's funny how losing Billy Ray suddenly makes the rest of the competition look that much better.

A few observations on this evening's show:

-Apolo is almost too cute to handle, and his quickstep, for me, was the dance of the night. I was a little less fond of his cha cha (it seemed a bit sloppy to me), but, really, who cares, it was so damn sexy! So much so, I had to rewind it and watch it again!

-Joey really is an entertainer, and if he is not playing Billy Flynn in Chicago on Broadway by the end of 2007, I will be shocked. That Kym is a knockout, too. And can I just say that I love that he is in on the joke about being called Fat-One. Gotta love it.

-Laila has really turned out to be a pretty tremndous dancer. Like, Stacy Kiebler good. It'd be a shame if she got the boot before Ian, but this competition does seem to favor the men, so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. She can definitely hold her own with the boys, though, that's for sure. And those curves!

-Ian really did come out of his shell during the jive tonight -- good for him. I still find him totally heartbreaking, however, and I kind of want him put out of his misery so we can see a Joey/Laila/Apolo face-off next week. But that crazy Cheryl Burke, she's got some magic going on with her, who knows what she's capable of.

So, there it is...I think Ian should go, but there's a chance Laila could be shown the door. Guess we'll see on a "jam-packed" (with crap) results show tomorrow evening.

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