Saturday, February 09, 2008

Myspace Photos Reveal Two Big Brother 9 Players Know Each Other From Home

With just four days until the start of Big Brother 9, clues are starting to leak out as to how this year's "soulmate" twist will work.

Thanks to a couple of web sleuths, myspace pictures of contestants Jen and Ryan (seen above)show not only that they are both from Columbus, Ohio, but that they like posing for photos in each other's arms! Yep, the two appear to be hometown sweethearts.

Does this mean they'll be partnered up in the game? Likely not. According to the press release there was some "formula" that was used to pair up the houseguests, so I'd imagine the hook is "See what happens when a real-life couple is paired up with someone who is their soulmate on paper!" Oh, Big Brother.

I also have to wonder -- with a male bisexual and an openly gay man in the house (Joshuah and Neil), should we automatically assume they will be paired together? (I know I'm hoping that will be the case!)

I guess we'll have to wait until Tuesday to see how these questions will be answered. Either that, or until the next clue surfaces on the internet!


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