Thursday, February 28, 2008

Josh and Sharon Win HOH, as as Chen-Bot Teases "New Chapter" of Big Brother 9

Operation Condor is now complete.

The Big Brother 9 mission to remove each of the houseguests from the top row of the Memory Wall was a success, as Amanda and Alex were sent packin'. Sharon and Josh, who won the Power of Veto last week, are the new HOH's.

What's more interesting, however, is Julie Chen's big tease at the end of the episode -- that a "new chapter" of Big Brother will begin after next week's elimination. By that point four couples will have been eliminated from the game, leaving 8 houseguests still around -- the perfect chance for the show to return to it's individual player roots.

And can I say -- not a moment too soon! This season has been difficult to get into, partly because there has been so much going on already (a houseguest leaving, oral sex, orgies, trips to the hospital), and partly because the "'Til Death Do Us Part" theme is making it hard to really invest in any one player. I loved Alex, but he didn't stand a chance with Amanda as his partner; ditto Parker and Jen. I'm hoping that if (or when) they do make the change to an individual competition, it'll seem more like the Big Brother I know and love.

Of course, with Big Brother you have to "expect the unexpected," so perhaps the "new chapter" is not the dissolution of the couples. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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