Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project Runway Shocker: Four Will Go To Fashion Week, With Two Facing Off In One Final Challenge

Well, I didn't see that coming!

It was a shocker of an ending to tonight's episode of Project Runway -- not because Sweet P was auf'ed, of course, as that was a long time coming. Nope, the surprise came from the mouth of Mrs. Seal herself -- after telling Christian and Jillian that they had made it through to the final round of competition, Heidi gleefully announced to Chris and Rami, the remaining designers, that they had both made it through, but would have to compete in one final challenge to get to "officially" show at Fashion Week.


I put "" around "officially" because, even though only three designers will be competing to become Project Runway champ, all five remaining designers (including Sweet P) actually got to show their collections at Fashion Week, in an effort to maintain the secrecy of who the Final 3 truly are. Chris and Rami, it seems, will have to present their three best pieces from their collections, and whomever the judges determine did better work, that designer will get to compete for the grand prize of Project Runway.


The rest of the episode was pretty much par for the Project Runway course, with Christian even bitchier and Jillian surprisingly less whiny than usual. I'd say the most notable aspect to the whole thing was the fact that Chris took a nap (during the final challenge!) and still managed to make it through. This, of course, on top of the fact that he was already eliminated from the competition. Does this guy have good juju or what?

As for Rami, he's lucky for this little twist, because the judges (and I!) are so over his draping. Come on dude -- how could you not know picking the Grecian chick as your inspiration was gonna get you in trouble? By all accounts his collection at Fashion Week turned out pretty well -- now we'll just have to see if it was "officially" in contention.

PS. Can I just say that I am lovin' on Bravo these days. Project Runway and Make Me a Supermodel are fierce (to use Christian's favorite word) as all get-out, and Top Chef and Step It Up & Dance are waiting in the wings. Love!

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