Friday, February 08, 2008

IDOL MADNESS Sweet 16 Results -- Upsets Galore

Voting for the Sweet 16 round of IDOL MADNESS is now over, and the results are in!

Let's be honest -- this is a fan club war. To be fair, each of the contestants' fan communities seem to have been alerted to the contest, so it is an equal playing field in that respect, and who wins is determined by how actively their fan club is working to get out the vote. However, it should be acknowledged that were the general public voting on these match-ups, the results might be different.

Having said that -- several shockers in the Sweet 16, leaving us with some very interesting Elite 8 match-ups. Voting starts later tonight or tomorrow, so keep an eye on Idol Thoughts and get ready to vote!

Here are the results...

Cowell Bracket
#5 Bo Bice def. #1 Kelly Clarkson
Shocker! In a match that easily could have gone either way, the original Idol barely lost out a victory by just 2%. She was down 4% as of yesterday, and actually pulled ahead for much of today, but even with the power of the Kelly Clarkson Express behind her, she couldn't finish on top. Kudos also to the folks at and for putting up a good fight.

#6 Jasmine Trias def. #10 Kellie Pickler
Kellie had actually pulled ahead on Wednesday, thanks in large part to the folks at, but Jasmine has some very loyal supporters, and they managed to propel her to a very slight victory.
(Please note, there was a technical glitch with the closing time of this poll.
I have checked with the folks at, who run the poll, and they have confirmed that this was the accurate result as of Feb 7 11:59PM EST. They, and I, apologize for any confusion).

Seacrest Bracket
#2 Clay Aiken def. #3 Melinda Doolittle
Never underestimate the Claymates! Clay had the lead from the get-go and never let it up. The next chanllenge for the vast number of Aiken-maniacs out there? Constantine Maroulis and his devoted followers. Should be an interesting battle!

#9 Constantine Maroulis def. #13 Bucky Covington
This one was never a contest, despite the hard work of the country singer's fans at -- Constantine's Greek posse is just too powerful! They better be revving up for a big fight with the Clay fans in the Elite 8!

Abdul Bracket
#3 Elliott Yamin def. #7 Anthony Fedorov
This one was a nailbiter right from the start, with Anthony actually pulling ahead on Tuesday in the match-up that received far and away the most amount of votes (more thank 11K). Thanks to, Anthony put up a good fight, but, and others pulled their boy Elliott to the finish line on top.

#9 Ace Young def. #5 Blake Lewis
Though Ace never gave up the lead, he was only up by 0.4% with less than three hours of voting remaining, and finished up by just 2%. That he pulled out the victory despite the combined efforts of,, and others is a true testament to Ace's fans, especially the ones at and A battle with Elliott in the next round should be very interesting indeed.

Jackson Bracket
#1 Carrie Underwood def. #12 Gina Glocksen
Who knew Gina still had so many fans? She put up a fair fight, but superstar Carrie waltzed easily to victory.

#7 Josh Gracin def. #3 Latoya London
After taking out Chris Daughtry in the round of 32, Gracin had no problem with Latoya in the match that received the lowest amount of votes. Carrie Underwood, however, poses a slightly more daunting challenge.

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