Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ranking the Top 12 Guys: #'s 7-12

7. David Hernandez
This guy's got a great voice, no doubt, but he's gotta take a deep breath and relax! Granted, the first performance spot of the night (and the season) is always a challenge, but I'm a little worried this guy doesn't have much charisma, and if he doesn't at least start looking like he's having fun he's not going to be around much longer. Plus, that last note was painful.
Grade: B-

8. Danny Noriega
What an Idol oddity Danny Noriega is -- a flamboyant, bitchy, very talented young man. I've said it once and I'll say it again, he's the Idol version of Project Runway's Christian. His performance tonight was definitely not his best (he didn't show off the range we've seen in his prior performances), but I'm curious to see how America will respond to him. I'm hoping they give him another chance to show what he's got.
Grade: B-

9. Chikezie Eze
Barry White whaaaaat? I've been a Chikezie champion from the start, but I was let down by my guy tonight. Sure, he sounded great once he hit his stride in the song, but that suit was a travesty, and arguing with Simon the first week is never a good idea. If he starts picking better songs he might be a contender in this competition, but tonight's performance was a non-starter.
Grade: C

10. Jason Yaegar
Booooooooooring. If you haven't gotten any screen time on the show, you've got to make sure your first appearance blows people away. Jason Yaegar -- not so much. His competent but snooze-inducing performance of "Moon River" reeked of cruise ship singer, and I'd be shocked if this guy makes it through the week.
Grade: C-

11. Luke Menard
I was prepared to love Luke -- I mean, have you looked at him? But about 10 seconds after he started singing, I was over him. This guy may make it through a week or two based on his looks, but there's no way he's making it to the Top 12.
Grade: D

12. Garrett Haley
I love this kid's story -- that he was vacationing in San Diego and decided on a whim to audition -- but unfortunately I hated his performance tonight. Tinny and whiny, this kid just can't hold a candle vocally to his competitors. Hopefully the voting public won't be wowed by his Sanjaya-esque hair and get any crazy ideas of keeping this kid around much longer.
Grade: D-

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