Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ricky is Gone and All is Right With Project Runway

It took the dumbest challenge of the season to get Ricky auf'ed from Project Runway, and for that I say hallelujah!

I admit, I've been tough on the guy from the beginning. Maybe it was the incessant waterworks, or perhaps it was the steady stream of terrible dresses he sent down the runway, but I just could never embrace the guy, and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm happy to see him go. Yep -- I went ahead and said it.

Speaking of going ahead and saying it, Christian was not biting his tongue last night, giving me that many more reasons to love him. I mean, every word out of his mouth is comic genius! And when he backs it up with fierceness like that leather and lace number, how can I not pull for him to come out on top. (On a side note, how hyseterical is his face each time he comes in second place in a challenge. I love it!)

What I did not love was the challenge itself. At this point in the competition, we've got to see what the designers can really do, not how well they can put together a purposefully tacky outfit. WWE Divas?? Michael Kors deserves better than that.

For the second time in the last few weeks Ramy's outfit was a complete eyesore, but luckily for him Ricky and Sweet P's creations were worse. As usual, Sweet P was a big hot mess, completely overhauling her design at the last minute for what seems like the sixth week in a row. How she has managed to skate through this long is totally beyond me.

Although Chris definitely pulled it together in this challenge (which seems tailor made for him), I still believe what I wrote in my post Is the Final Three Now a Foregone Conclusion? -- that Jillian, Ramy and Christian will be the last three designers standing. With Ricky finally gone, there's now just two designers standing in the way of that happening. Bring. It. On.

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