Wednesday, February 06, 2008

SPOILER: Big Brother 9 "Soulmate Twist" Revealed

Lots of Big Brother news today!

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And now comes word what the "twist" of Big Brother 9 will be! According to the press release from CBS:

"When this group of 16 singles enters the house, they will be told they are being matched up with their "soul mate," a stranger who may prove to be their true love or their worst nightmare. Whether there is a love connection or not, once paired up, the Houseguests' life in the game depends on their partner. They must strategize, plot and scheme together as a couple for a chance at the prize. These "lovebirds" will live together as a couple meaning they will sleep in the same bed, hold Head of Household as a couple, be nominated for eviction as a pair, and if the time comes, say their goodbyes together upon eviction."

Hmmmmmm...interesting. Thoughts?

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