Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ranking the American Idol Top 10 Girls: #'s 6 through 10

6. Ramiele Malubay
(Last Week: #3)
When you take on a song like "Don't Leave Me This Way," you've got to really tackle it, and while Ramiele is still "the little girl with the big voice," she just didn't deliver tonight. It's a tough song, at least partly responsible for Latoya London's ouster in Season 3, but even so, it was a strangely tepid performance, especially for a girl who has displayed oodles of personality in earlier rounds. Definitely a disappointment.
Grade: C+

7. Kristy Lee Cook
(Last Week: #10)
Sorry Kristy, but like the song you sang tonight says -- you're no good. Though definitely an improvement over last week, there's just nothing special about this girl, and there's others in the competition who do what she does better -- Alaina's a better country singer, and Brooke's got the folk market covered. If only she could sing "Amazing Grace" every week she'd sail through to the Top 12.
Grade: C

8. Amanda Overmyer
(Last Week: #8)
I want to like this girl, I really do -- she's certainly unique, and she's showed moments of real vocal inspiration in earlier auditions. Tonight's performance, however, was a trainwreck -- she was behind the music, her voice was all over the place, and she looked lost on stage. I'd like her to stick around for at least another week to see if she can get back on track, but right now she's on shaky ground.
Grade: C-

9. Kady Malloy
(Last Week: #9)
This girl can sing opera and do a killer Britney impression, but will she ever be able to actually sing a song well on the Idol stage? This was a terrible song choice (her second straight), and her pitchiness, of course, did her no favors. How long is this girl gonna coast on the fact that she can imitate other people's voices?
Grade: D+

10. Alex Lushington
(Last Week: #7)
What a mess, and, what makes it even worst, she knew it! After last week's strong showing Alex was primed to make herself a real contender in the competition, but a terrible song choice and totally tuneless performance may be her undoing. Her outfit was cute (if not totally appropriate for the song), but next to Carly, Syesha and Asia'h, this girl's starting to look like an also-ran.
Grade: D

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Lisa said...

I'm sorry, but Asiah should be SO MUCH LOWER, in my opinion. She was absolutely terrible last night from start to finish, and I thought the judges were high to give her any compliments at all. Terrible terrible choice, and I think she went from seeming like a cute and sweet girl to a way over-confident one in the span of a week. Her voice was just not there at all, and the song was way too big for her. It was sooooooo bad.