Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Is Project Runway's Final Three Now a Foregone Conclusion?

Doesn't it seem like months since we last had a new episode of Project Runway? I miss Nina Garcia!

When the show returns tonight, six designers remain in the competition -- Jillian, Ricky, Sweet P, Christian, Chris and Ramy. Looking at this list, the question arises -- is the final three now a foregone conclusion?

The three designers I'm referring to as likely Fashion Week finalists are Jillian, Ramy and Christian. Each has won at least one challenge, has been in contention to win others, and has only spent one week in the Bottom 2. Yes, Jillian is incredibly whiny, Christian is young (and a bit immature), and it's unclear whether Ramy can do anything other than drape, but as far as I'm concerned, these are also the most talented and consistent designers (an underrated skill on Runway), and, as such, are in a completely different league than their three other competitors.

Speaking of Chris, Ricky and Sweet P -- what are they still doing here? Chris has literally already been eliminated from the competition, and although he's churned out some respectable designs in the past couple of weeks, I just don't see him having a real shot at winning this thing. Sweet P, despite producing a few cute outfits, is responsible for the season's single most disastrou design (that horrible ill-fitting shirt from week one), and she continues to completely overhaul her designs at the last minute in a state of total panic. As the pressure continues to build these last few weeks, I have no doubt she will continue to unravel.

Which leaves us with Ricky. Oh, tragic, tearful Ricky. Yes, he won the last challenge, but he's also produced some of the ugliest and most boring dresses sent down the runway this season. If he wins this thing, or even makes it to the Final 3, something is wrong in Runway-ville.

Yep, it's pretty clear in my mind who the Final 3 will be. What do you think? Are Jillian, Christian and Ramy shoo-ins for Fashion Week, or can Ricky, Sweet P or Chris sneak in? Leave a comment and let me know!

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nanis said...

I would like to see Chris in the final 3 (or 4). He made an amazing gown in the first challenge, and his prom gown was stunning, as was the avant garde piece. I think he got labeled as a costume designer, thus the judges won't let that go. I'd like to see Chris, Christian, and Jillian. (I don't care for Jillian, but respect here ability.)
Rami is a one-note. And he's an arrogant ass to boot.
I love Sweet P, but as you said, she's inconsistent. I'd like to see a collection she put together, though.
Ricky. Nope. (I am not at all sure why he won the last challenge. His dress was okay, but Rami's and Sweet P's were better, and Christian's was innovative.)