Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ferras' "Hollywood's Not America" Will Be American Idol Exit Song

Get ready for the next "Bad Day" and "Home".

According to a post on his myspace page, the song "Hollywood's Not America," by new artist Ferras, will be the next American Idol exit song. Following in the footsteps of Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" and Daughtry's "Home," the song will be played as contestants are eliminated from the show.

The song is off Ferras' upcoming album Aliens and Rainbows, which will be released this spring. While it is not currently available for download, you can hear the whole song by clicking here. According to Ferras' myspace page, the song will first be featured on Idol on February 12.

I gotta admit -- I like it. Your thoughts?



Anonymous said...

It's okay, but I like "Best Days" by Graham Colton.

raked-in said...

I think that the song is INCREDIBLE! Of course, it is kinda female-centric, so I don't know how it will work to send the guys home...

Anonymous said...

American Idol got it right last year, using a former Idol's song.

There are far better songs than this from former Idols. Too bad the AI geniuses had to go and prove once again they still don't get it.

Just another reason not to watch this rapidly sinking ship.