Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eight Burning Questions About American Idol 7 Top 24

American Idol 7's Top 24 has been announced (click here to see photos of the Top 12 Girl and Guys), and I've been left with some burning questions:

1. Are they ever going to mention the fact that David Archuleta won Star Search? (Watch video of David on Star Search here) I mean, I love this kid -- he's freakin' adorable and he's got a great, pure voice, but at the moment we're being led to believe he's never set foot on a stage before, and that's very much not the case. I'm just saying.

2. By the same token, how 'bout the whole deal with Carly Smithson? They are painting her Visa problem and subsequent earlier ineligibility from Idol as the biggest setback of her life, but how about that record deal several years back that crumbled all around her? Like David, I love this girl (she's probably my pick to win the whole thing at this point), but it'd be nice if Idol gave us the whole story.

3. Where's the love for Chekeieze Eze, Alex Lushington and Kady Malloy? All three were shown in their initial auditions, and they made it to the Top 24, so how about giving us a glimpse of how they did in Hollywood? We got a few moments of Colton Berry and Robbie Carrico, but certainly not enough to gage what they're going to bring to the table.

4. Speaking of, who the heck are Alaina Whitaker, Amy Davis, Garrett Haley, Jason Castro, Jason Yeager and Luke Menard? If we've seen them before, I don't remember!Menard and Davis are adorable, and Jason Castro's dreadlocks certainly set him apart from the crowd, so how come we weren't given even the slightest hint as to what these people sound like durng this week's episodes?

5. Is Brooke White too much of a hot mess to survive in this competition?

6. Is Danny Noriega too sassy for this competition?

7. How adorable is Joanne Borgello? Love her!

And finally...

8. How happy am I that we avoided two potential Sanjaya's? Josiah Leming and Kyle Ensley both had the potential to wreak havoc on the competition, and I am not sorry to see them sent home. Better luck next time, guys!




Anonymous said...

I agree with all of your comments. We were watching them reveal who was in, and repeatedly asked “who the heck is that/have we seen him/her before”. Given the amount of time to edit the Hollywood week episode (which was great), I would have thought that we would have had at least a glimpse of all of the top 24. Also, I really agree about Josiah Leming. I was never a fan of his, and thought he could create a massive Sanjaya problem.

One other amusing thing from here in Southern California is that I note that they held “Hollywood” week in Pasadena. Guess “Pasadena” week just doesn’t have the same ring.

Joshua said...

Ok, I am REALLY excited about this season now! Between Carly and Lil' David A., I've got two very strong favorites. I don't remember liking a contestant this much this early since maybe Kimberley S2. I really want to see them blow it out each week and run through to the end. I'm also keeping an eye on Michael Johns and Syesha as my 3rd & 4th faves.

Of course this could all change next week if any of the unknowns pull a Latoya London, but for now I'm not betting on it. As for the ones we've seen, I'm over Danny (way too William Sledd for me), Brooke, and Amazing Grace Kristy.

Super early guesses for elimination next week are: Amy Jean, Kady, Luke, and Garrett.


Azure said...

Amy Davis is the one whose Grandmother is Japanese. (Remember Paula asked about her ethnic background.) I thought her audition was only so-so.