Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Impressions of the Big Brother 9 Houseguests: Sheila Is So Not My Type

Big Brother is back!

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It's always a little tricky to get into the first few days of the show, as you first have to figure out who everyone is. Complicating the matters is the much-discussed "soulmate twist," which will certainly have an impact on the game unlike any other twist in the past. While it does appear to be a slighly less vapid group than in year's past (c'mon, it's all relative!), I do think it's curious that most of the houseguests seemed more concerned about their possible sexual chemistry than how compatible they are to play the game together. But hey -- I guess there's plenty of time for that. Right now they have to check out each other's bodies.

Also -- does anyone else think that the potential for drama impacted the "soulmate" descisions as much as the "extensive personality tests and interviews?" I wonder...

Anyhow, here's my first impressions of the teams:

Adam and Sheila
Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare. As the oldest woman in the house, you would hope that Sheila would show signs of maturity, but no such luck -- she made a fool of herself lamenting how Adam "wasn't her type." Get over it, girl -- did you come to win $500K or find a boyfriend? I feel badly for Adam, and give him credit for biting his tongue instead of fighting back, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping they are the first team to go.

Jen and Parker/Ryan and Allison
So I guess we've figured out the mystery of the myspace photos (click here to read Myspace Photos Reveal Two Big Brother Houseguests Know Each Other From Home) This reeks of the twin stunt in Season 5 and America's Player in Season 8, but it should be fun to watch Ryan and Jen squirm as they are forced to watch their significant others share beds and secrets with other players. Parker and Allison are both wildcards as well -- he's a TMZ photographer, she's a professional gambler. If Ryan and Jen are smart they'd convince their teammates to form a four-strong alliance early on. We'll see how that works out.

Shannon and Jake
Ooooh, this one's tough. You just know CBS is hoping these two exes will be the Dick and Daniele of the season, bringing their outside laundry into the house. He seems like a sweet enough guy, although it's unclear how exactly their relationship ended (he cheated -- I got that -- but did he leave Shannon for this other girl? I'm definitely curious to see this one play out.

Joshuah and Neil
Not much to say at this point, except that I'm thrilled we'll get to watch the dynamic of two gay men working together. Though Ivonne and Beau were both gay a few seasons back, there have never been two gay houseguests of the same gender. Will they be considered a threat in the challenges because they are both male?

Matt and Natalie
The Staten Island pretty boy Guido and the bikini barrista -- that actually might be a match made in heaven. He's the ultimate straight guy (every season's gotta have one), and couldn't resist the opportunity to comment on every single woman's body. Time will tell if he's charmingly smarmy -- or just a snake.

Alex and Amanda
I kinda like these two, although they haven't received tons of airtime yet. She's likably ditzy in a Janelle sort of way (and, as a paralegal, she must be smarter than she's letting on), while he has an endearing lowkey quality, not to mention he's adorable!

Crazy James and Chelsia
Again, I haven't been able to glean too much about these two (although Chelsia's comment about the bikes shows she definitely has a sense of humor). I didn't like James' response to losing the HOH challenge -- is it a sign of more of a temper to come?



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Anonymous said...

Not only is Amanda ditzy like Janelle, has anyone noticed that she bears a STRIKING resemblance to Janelle? Look at her carefully. Even her voice sounds like Janelle. She is also from MN. Isn't Janelle originally from MN? A sister maybe?