Tuesday, February 12, 2008

IDOL MADNESS Elite 8: Tuesday Report

Voting in this round ends Sunday February 17 at 11:59PM EST

Please click here to read a note about the Clay Aiken vs. Constantine Maroulis Elite 8 match-up, which has been re-started due to voting irregularities

Aside from the Clay/Constantine match, there's not much change in the Elite 8 match-ups -- in fact, they are closer than ever! There are now less than 3% points separating each match!

All numbers as of Tuesday 2/12 at 5:25PM EST.

Click on any match-up to vote.

Jasmine 50.4%-Bo 49.6%
Feb. 11: Jasmine 52.6%-Bo 47.4%
Feb. 10: Jasmine 50.4%-Bo 49.6%

Seacrest Bracket
#2 Clay Aiken vs. #9 Constantine Maroulis
Elliott 50.7%-Ace 49.3%
Feb. 11: Elliott 50.5%-Ace 49.5%
Feb. 10: Elliott 52.6%-Ace 47.4%

Jackson Bracket
#1 Carrie Underwood vs. #7 Josh Gracin
Josh 51.9%-Carrie 48.1%
Feb. 11: Josh 52.2%-Carrie 47.8%
Feb. 10: Josh 51.5%- Carrie 48.5%

CONSOLATION ROUND: Determining the 9th and 10th place finshers
#1-Anthony, #2-Bucky, #3-Kelly C, #4-Kellie P

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