Friday, February 15, 2008

Will David Archuleta, Michael Johns or Luke Menard Be This Year's American Idol Hearthrob?

Hearthrobs -- nearly every season of American Idol has had one. So which of this year's male contestants will make the ladies (and some of the fellas) swoon?

By hearthrob, I'm referring to a performer whose success on the show is predicated as much on their looks, swagger and sexiness as much as it is on vocal prowess. As laughable as it seems now, the archetype for the Idol hearthrob is none other than Justin Guarini. Back in Season 1, he made Paula cry with the "beauty" of his singing, and even caused Simon to say "Watch out Justin Timberlake, there's a new Justin in town." Yes, in retrospect it seems a bit ridiculous that the curly haired singer inspired incredibly passionate shrieks and screams, but it happened!

Surely the show has produced unlikely hearthrobs in the past -- think Clay Aiken or even Sanjaya Malakar, for example. But for the purposes of this discussion, I'm thinking more along the lines of the Chris Richardsons, Ace Youngs and Constantine Maroulis' -- men whose performance style is not necessarily to everyone's taste, but who develop a rabid following (based on both looks and talent) nonetheless.

So who will inherit the throne from last year's lust-inspring Chris Richardson? I'm predicting three of this year's guys seriously competing for that title will be David Archuleta, Michael Johns and Luke Menard. Let's take a look at the hearthrob merits of each:

-David Archuleta is just 16 years old, but if he can tap into the All American cutie-pie-ness that Zac Efron has mastered, inspiring fan sites and the fluttering of little girls' hearts in the process, he could end up launching himself into the stratosphere. Plus the kid can really sing! (Click here to see video of David on Star Search and singing to Season 1's Idol contestants)

-We haven't seen Luke Menard sing a single note, mind you, so it's possible he could flame out before being given a chance to gain a following, but based solely on his looks, I'd say he has a shot at the hearthrob title.

-Michael Johns, with his lovely biceps, gorgeous face and delightful Australian accent, is something Idol doesn't often see -- a real man. Most of the show's male contestants are either quirky (Taylor Hicks, Blake Lewis) or distinctly boyish (Anthony Fedorov, RJ Helton). Johns is more like Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry and Constantine Maroulis, in that he's older and more conventionally "manly." And let's face it -- the fact that his voice is great certainly won't hurt.

I'm guessing Johns and Archuleta are going to split the hearthrob vote, with younger girls more likely to jump on the Archuleta bandwagon, and 20-somethings and up going for John's darker appeal.

Who do you think will be this year's hearthrob? David, Michael or Luke, or someone else? David Cook? Jason Castro? Leave a comment and let me know!




James said...

David Archuleta will absolutely have the under-16 girls teary-eyed and along with Michael Johns, has been heavily pimped by the producers to be in the Top-12. Four of the guys haven't even been seen yet, and are unfortunately destined to be "cannon fodder" so the chosen ones can advance.

How 'bout letting us decide, Nigel?

Anonymous said...

Michael Johns definitely will win the title, he extremely handsome, has a great voice and accent, and a certain charm to him.

I dont see how can anyone like Archuleta, I mean.. he is cute, like a puppy can be, but not in a sexy or manly kind of way.. well, leave it to the tasteless 12 year olds..


Laura said...

Jason Castro! He's got it all. He's gorgeous. He plays the drums & the guitar besides singing. He's got a charm about him, like he's completely unaffected. He's just so real. So cool. Love him. I love that he wasn't shown at all before the top 24, yet he comes on tv for 4 minutes or so and captivates people.

I hate so much that is American Idol anymore, but he provides a glimmer of hope. No matter what happens with it this year, I hope he does well. I'd love to have a cd of his. I'd love to go watch him perform.

Anonymous said...

I think David is the cutest, i agree that he's not sexy or hot like Michael johns, but come on, don't you just want to run up on stage and give him a hug?

oh and, 12 year olds arn't tasteless, my little sister is 12.

Danny is pretty good looking, but there is just something about him that isn't very good.

American Fork said...

They kept saying that this years talent was the best ever, and I was surprised that they were right!!

David is my absolute favorite and I am trying to get everyone I can to go to and download a funny printable rear view mirror hanger, just like the one Paula needs! LOL

Anonymous said...

Michael Johns, all the way. He's the one that stands out as being manly. Everyone else seems too young or a bit quirky. But Michael projects manliness. Now add that he's charming, sexy, has a great voice, a strong tenderness to his personality, and have you seen his smile? *faints*

Anonymous said...

Luke Menard is a very good singer as well as a handsome guy.