Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top 12 Girls: #'s 7-12

7. Alex Lushington
Grade: B
I like this girl's youth and her energy, and her voice has a very nice tone, but, like Simon, I'm not yet convinced she's the real deal. It's possible she's a fresher version of Melinda -- also possible she's not. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

8. Amanda Overmyer
Grade: C+
I was curious what Amanda was going to choose to sing, and I'm not sure I think her selection was the wisest. I thought the performance was all over the place, and since I wasn't familiar with the song, I had no interest in following along with the scary girl who was yelling at me. I think Amanda can be amazing in this competition -- but she's gotta start picking the right songs.

9. Cady Malloy
Grade: C
This girl does a killer Britney impression, is gorgeous (doesn't she look like Maggie Grace from Lost?) and has a lovely tone to her voice, so why she chose to go uber-Debbie Downer on us tonight is a mystery. My initital concern with Cady was that she didn't have the high notes -- that concern has yet to be alleviated.

10. Kristy Lee Cook
Grade: C-
You know that same-same thing I was talking about? This performance defines it. Kristy had such spunk in her initial audition -- tonight she really was robot-esque. Granted, going first is always difficult, and, as we heard, she's sick, but girl you gotta suck it up! She's a shoo-in to make it through the week, but if she doesn't come back firing next week she's in serious trouble.

11. Joanne Borgella
Grade: D+
This was probably the biggest disappointment of the night for me, as I had high hopes for the likable plus-size model. Unfortunately, she savaged her song and even acknowledged the fact that she's not a soul singer. Well then, what use do we have for you Joanne?

12. Amy Davis
Grade: F
Quite possibly the worst semi-final performance in history, this was tragic from beginning to end. The song choice, the voice, the make-up -- wrong, wrong, wrong. Hope you enjoyed your brief trip to Idol-land, Amy, 'cause it's about to come to an abrupt end.

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POLL: Which Top 12 Girl was the best of the night? Who's going home? Vote now!

POLL: Which Top 12 Guy Was the Best? Who is Going Home? Vote Now!


Anonymous said...

Carly Smithson is absolutely NOTHING special at all. She is'nt even a freakin' American, but yet she's on American Idol. She needs to go back to her clientel of losers back at that crummy tattoo hole she and her dirtball husband run.

wen said...

All I know is each season of American Idol is like Christmas. You know where you say its going to be the best ever each year? If you keep saying even better crop of singers than last year's sooner or later there's going to be a let down. No wonder they brought in a lot of ringers this year.

This could also be why the ratings have stopped going dipping here and there as people get tired of seeing the same 'ol same 'ol for the 7th time in a row.