Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ranking the Top 10 Guys: #'s 6-10

6. Jason Castro
(Last Week: #1)
His interview package couldn't have been more charming, but unfortunately his performance lacked some of that sparkle. I still dig him, and this performance was far from a trainwreck, but I'm starting to wonder if he's a bit of a one-trick pony in a competition that requires nothing if not versatility. He is adorable, though, and does seem to have a strong sense of himself as an artist, so I'll cut him some slack for less-than-stellar vocals this week.
Grade: B-

7. Robbie Carrico
(Last Week: #6)
Maybe if Robbie was more distinctive, or, well, better, I would be more understanding of his "rocker" defensiveness. As is, however, he's a B-grade Bo Bice, and I'm not sure I have much use for him. He's not bad -- in fact, his voice is pretty good, and if he was rockin' at the local karaoke bar I'd probably be pretty into him. But rocker or not, he's just not original -- and that's a pretty big Idol sin.
Grade: B-

8. Danny Noriega
(Last Week: #8)
I wanna love Danny so bad -- as the first sassy gay boy the show has ever had, he really is breaking new ground. And as his "-ish" comment proved, he's funny! The problem is, I kinda hated his vocals tonight --the whole song felt just off-key to me. I know the boy can sing, but he's yet to wow me with a performance. When that happens, I'll definitely jump right on board.
Grade: C

9. Jason Yeager
(Last Week: #10)
He can sing, and if he chose the right song he might actually be a contender in this competition, but as is he's nothing but cruise-ship. And American Idol ain't no cruise ship.€
Grade: C-

10. Luke Menard
(Last Week: #11)
Ok, I hate this kid. I know, that's harsh, and two weeks ago I was ready to fall in love with him based on nothing but his photograph, but there's something about his high pitched voice and cheesy smile that's driving me crazy. Yes, he sang mostly on pitch, but the admission of his a capella roots means I now can't help but picture him snapping his fingers and creating fake drum noises. Yuck. Here's hoping America voted this wanker off.
Grade: D

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James said...

Virtually identical to my order for the night, except I might put David Cook on top -- I just enjoyed it more.

I'm also really tired of the endless adulation for David Archuleta and comparisons to squeezable, adorable puppies. Did someone pull strings to get clearance on "Imagine", which he could sing in his sleep, while the others did without? AI has never had clearance for Lennon-McCartney songs in 7 seasons.

Billy said...

Actually, as it says in the post, Jennifer Hudson sang "Imagine" in season three as her semi-final performance.

Anonymous said...

Blake Lewis also sang Imagine last season

Anonymous said...

Ruben Studdard also performed this song on finale night of Season 2.

So that comment has no merit