Monday, February 18, 2008

Team Bruno Wins Dance War in the Longest Two Hours of TV Ever

I'm sorry, but a show that was only on for six weeks does not need a two hour send-off. I'm just saying.

Team Bruno was awarded the mysterious grand prize in the finale of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann in two of the loooooongest hours of television ever. There were only six performances, and two of them we had already seen before! Drew Lachey embarrassed himself "crooning" "Steppin' Out" and dancing like a fool, and there were probably eight different clip packages "reliving the journey." Gag me.

Don't get me wrong -- there were parts of this show that I really enjoyed, and with a little tweaking I think it could actually be really good. As for this season, Zach, Phillip, Qis and Chris were cute, Lacey and Mariel could really sing, and there were a few numbers that actually featured some inspired choreography. But all in all, I just didn't become invested in these groups -- while all of the individuals were talented, none, to me, were real superstars. Luckily, we've got a great season of Idol about to kick into gear, Dancing with the Stars starting in a few weeks, and So You Think You Can Dance and Step It Up & Dance right around the corner, so, really, as a two month diversion, Dance War could have been much worst.

In the end, it turns out the "recording contract" that's been promised all season is for the whole group (I had thought, perhaps, it went to just an individual), and the two groups debuted their singles this evening. I'm not sure the last time a co-ed group of adults singing and dancing like show choir was anywhere near relevant in the contemporary music scene, but good luck to Team Bruno, I'm sure they'll find tons of success (read as much sarcasm into that as you'd like).

The episode was most notable for announcing the new cast of Dancing with the Stars (which you can see by clicking here), which reminds me -- Carrie Ann and Bruno have day jobs. Will they have lost some of their credibility as judges now that they've exposed their own work to the public, and even blubbered on national TV (I'm talkin' to you, Carrie Ann!) It's probably a silly question, considering they didn't have much credibility to begin with, but seeing them take this cheesy show so seriously makes me look at them slighly differently, I must admit. Maybe with Len back sitting in between them everything will seem like Dance War never happened.

Team Bruno's hoping that won't be the case.

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wen said...

Didn't I say the recording contract was for the winning group? Also, considering that this show is just filler until Dancing With the Stars(yawn) the ratings weren't that bad. Be warned. This show may come back someday.

It's no surprise that team Burno won when Burno made it a point to heavily criticize Carrie Ann's team whenever there was a flaw he saw. Carrie Ann on the other hand refused to do the same so the voting public pretty much assumed Burno was right.

If there is a another show, I hope they bring in a third party to render judging/comments.