Thursday, September 06, 2007

Big Brother Fast Forward! A HUGE Missed Opportunity, and the Two Evicted Nominees Are...



It's a Big Brother fast forward, and lovebirds Jessica and Eric are gone!

It was a big night on Big Brother, with two evictions, an HOH ceremony and a POV competition happening all in one hour. Wow. On top of that, Eric made a HORRIBLE judgement in strategy, and now America's Player is no longer.

Here's how it played out:

Jessica was eliminated by a vote of 2-1.

Dick barely won HOH.

Dick nominated Jameka and Eric for eviction.

Zach won the Power of Veto, and chose not to use it.

Eric was eliminted.

The thing is, Eric could have at least tried to have gotten Daniele eliminated (which, ironically, he was instructed to do by America). If he had successfully convinced Zach to use the POV to save he or Jameka, Dick would have been forced to nominated Daniele (as she would be the only houseguest left), and Zach and whoever he saved from the block could have voted to eliminate Daniele.

Eric --why didn't you try this?? You sat there silent. You are supposed to be a master strategist, how could you not take that final opportunity to at least try to make your case?

Alas, the Big Brother final 4 are Dick, Daniele, Zach and Jameka . May the best man or woman in.

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Karen said...

To be fair, Zach should have thought to use the veto without any prompting from Eric OR Jameka. If he's as smart a strategist as he thinks he is, the idea of splitting up the Dick/Daniele duo should always be at the back of his mind. Here was the perfect opportunity to remove one of the nominees from the block, forcing Dick to put his on daughter up. And yet, once again, fear of Dick's bully tactics probably kept Zach from acting in his own best interests. If he had pulled a brilliant move like that, I would have supported him as a viable candidate to win the whole shebang. Now I just chalk him up as one more loser in a huge bunch of losers.
I'm disappointed in Zach, disappointed in Jameka, and can't stand Dick or Daniele. The season is officially done for me, and I'm hoping for the best for next year. Maybe casting will do a better job, and maybe we won't have the ridiculous America's Player twist to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the small amount of time they had in each segment? Perhaps he did approach Zach during the commercial, and Zach ignored his request. I think Eric did extremely well considering what he needed to do to appease America! Although, I think being AP ruined his game, not many people could have pulled off what he did.
On a side note, I would have had no problem getting rid of Danielle when Jess was HOH. At least Eric tried to play an honorable game, but then this game is ANYTHING BUT HONORABLE. Hence, this is why Dick and co. are still there.
Neither deserve to win......
DICK for being a vile human being AND Danielle for riding his coattails. They weren't so estranged as we thought! "Honestly", they worked quite well together.I hope Jameka wins it all!!! Then Danielle would be so f r u s t r a t e d AND NO ONE WOULD UNDERSTAND. Oh well, no more Big Brother for me. THE LEAST DESERVING SEEM TO ALWAYS WIN.

Anonymous said...

If Zach would have used it to save one of them, then Dick could have still put Zach up... so that wouldn't have worked to Zach's benefit...

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

I totally agree that Eric should had made a better attempt at convicing Zach to use the veto, same with Jameka, and Dani would be gone. However, Zach was too stupid to take the advice he gave Jess and Eric to backdoor Dani or Dick and so I don't think anything Eric would have said could have changed his mind.

Patti said...

Couldn't Dick then just put Zach up for eviction, or would Zach be exempt?

Anonymous said...

I thought the person who used the veto on someone else would not be put on the block, both people (person who won veto and person who veto was used on) are safe. Zach should have used the veto.

Karen said...

Janelle clarified the issue in her live interview the other night. Since Zach won the veto he was automatically exempt from eviction. if he had removed someone from the block, Dick could NOT have put Zach up in their place. Zach should definitely have used the veto. It could have been a defining move in the game.