Friday, September 07, 2007

Now That We Know the New HOH, Three Burning Questions About Big Brother



So, America's Player and his love are gone (see A HUGE Missed Opportunity and the Two Evicted Nominees Are...) What happens now?

Well, first of all, we know that Zach has won HOH. For someone who didn't win a competition for the first 75% of the season, he has certainly made himself a bit of player in the past week, winning two HOH's and the POV. Too bad he's such a doofus.

Now that we know Zach is HOH, and that the only non-nominee (or POV winner) has the chance to choose who to evict, here are a few burning questions:

-Will Zach have the nerve to target Dick or Daniele for eviction?
It is surely in Zach's best interest to send Daniele to the jury house this week -- the girl is better in competitions than anyone else in the house, and with Dick and Daniele both in the Final 3, Zach's chances of making it to the end are significantly diminished. Of course, if he does nominated both Donatos, one of them could end up winning POV and saving themselves, in which case Jameka would be the one to go.

-Will Jameka finally perform well in a competition?
Ironically, the only competition Jameka has won all season is the Power of Veto in which she saved Jen. True, she's had to sit out of five HOH's, but will she finally step it up this week and make herself a real player in this game?

-Could Dick Donato actually win this game?
He's heckled and abused and spit and fart, and somehow Dick still has a shot at winning this game. Not against Daniele -- his daughter would likely wipe the floor with him. Also not likely against Jameka -- she simply has too many friends in the jury house. But if Zach and Dick are the Final 2, Dick would obviously have Daniele's vote, and I find it hard to believe that Eric, Jessica or even Dustin would choose to award Zach the $500K. What a coup it would be for Dick if he could be arguably the most hateful player in reality tv history, and still walk away with the money. Dr. Will would be proud.

Please feel free to let me know what you think the answers to these burning questions will be. And then we'll have to wait and see...

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Anonymous said...

I hope that Zach has sense enough to know that Danielle will probably win the final HOH and send him home.
Jameka needs to step it up or go. I like her but she really has been a weak player.
Re: Dick winning, funny but I wonder if some of the jury will give Dick the money just for spite. Dick so desperately wants Danielle to get it, they might just Not vote for her. After all, it is a game of manipulation and Dick has done that. Danielle won comps but then benefited when Dick intimidated people into doing what she wanted.

Anonymous said...

Why when Zach won the power of veto didn't he take Jameka or Eric off the block forcing Dick to put up Dani? Then Zach and Jameka/Eric could have voted off Dani. Dick couldn't compete for the next head of household leaving him up for nomination when Eric/Zach won HOH?

Anonymous said...

Because Zack is an idiot! That has to go down as the stupidest move in BB history...

hummer said...

why isn't anyone talking about the ball dick stuffed in his left pant pocket during the competition? could he have put it in jameka's tube? if anyone taped show, go back and look! i didn't record, so not sure if it was blue or green, but, it was definitely a BALL. it's on there. if you watched it online at today, they don't show it. it magically disappeard. they only show the 2nd pocketing which was supposedly his necklace.

Anonymous said...

Dick did stick a ball into his pant pocket but you can't really tell what color it is. You know that cbs will NEVER show us how that ball got into Jameka's tube. I don't think Dick is smart enough to have done it. And I cannot believe that Zach did not use the Veto! That is the problem with the quick evictions, he just couldn't think fast enough to strategize it out and figure out the best move. BIG MISTAKE..HUGE!

Anonymous said...

Puhlease... Zach didnt have time to think??? Ok... like another hour or two wouldve even made a difference!Zach is a big doofus...I truly do hope it is him and Dick in the final 2 and Dick walks away the winner... better still would be the scenario where him and his daughter (whineass) are final two and its a 7-0 vote for Dick to win... and then he turns his back on her and walks away making her regret each and every eye roll and whine session she had with him... what a freakin brat... I would be embarrassed to call her my daughter. GO DICK !!

Anonymous said...

You said in your article that Erick would vote for Dick but remember, Eric doesn't have a vote. It's Americas vote. And I don't think we will reward Dick for all the crap he pulled. And now I heard of the cheating scandal between he and his son concerning a letter. No way should Dick win any money.