Saturday, September 08, 2007

Carrie Underwood, Usher, Mary J and Jennifer Hudson Steal the Show at Fashion Rocks

I guess I understand why they call that show Fashion Rocks -- the show did, indeed, rock. Pretty hard, in fact.

I would say the performance of the evening belonged to Usher and Mary J Blige, who did a medley of old school R&B hits, with him crooning "It's a Man's World," she wailing about "Respect," and the two dueting on "Do I Do." Fierce.

Carrie Underwood was surprisingly rockin', even strapping on a guitar as she dueted with Lindsay Buckingham on the Fleetwood Mac classic "Go Your Own Way." She is gaining more and more credibility as an actual artist with each passing month, and I have a feeling her upcoming album is going to be huge.

Jennifer Hudson brought her powerhouse voice to "Come Together," with Joe Perry playing guitar. Sporting a sleek short 'do and a tight black dress, she gave the tune a sassy, rock flavor that brought the house down.

Alicia Keys was also in fine form, singing her new song and "Black Magic," the latter of which she was accompanied by Santana. I could have done without two song from J-Lo; Avril Lavigne, who looked bored singing "Girlfriend"; and Fergie, who sang "Glamorous," which has possibly the most inane lyrics I have ever heard. Why not sing "Big Girls Dn't Cry"? Why, Fergie, why?

All in all, though, quite a good evening of music and performance.

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