Sunday, September 09, 2007

Live Blogging: MTV's New and Improved VMA's are Not So Improved

9:40 This was the year that was supposed to bring MTV's Video Music Awards back to the entertaining, sometimes shocking occasion it used to be. Well, 40 minutes in, I'm not so impressed.

In fact, aside from Britney's embarrassing lip synching session, during which I was convinced MTV really had achieved a coup by bringing Anna Nicole Smith back from the dead, there hasn't yet been one full performance. I mean, Kanye West performed in a hotel suite or something, but what is that all about? How about a performance on the stage, or is that too traditional? I was enjoying the bit of Maroon 5, but the show went to commercial a minute into the song.

The presenters have been an eclectic bunch, with Fifty Cent and Kanye West continuing their at-this-point ridiculous "we hate each other publicity tour." As for the awards, the one notable surprise so far is Beyonce's victory for "Earthshaking Collaboration," over Justin/Timbaland, Gwen/Akon, and U2/Green Day. But what does a Moon Man mean, really?

9:50 Ok, it was pretty fun to watch Chris Brown dance like that, I must admit The kid definitiely has talent, and he's cute as all get-out. But could he have been anymore obviously lip synching? And that "duet" with Rihanna was hardly a duet -- they each performed their own song, and they met in the middle of the arena for a little dance move. Not exactly the "shocking duet" that was billed.

9:55 If they really wanted an earthshaking collaboration, couldn't they have gotten Heidi in on Hills presenting team? She's an MTV employee for god sake!

9:58 Of course Justin is the Male Entertainer of the Year -- duh. It was nice of him to give a little shout-out to Chris Brown and the "next generation" -- even though at 25 he's a bit young to be pulling the old pro card. Still, I am in support of all things JT.

10:06 It's amazing how much street cred Justin Timberlake has accumulated in the last few years. Six years ago he was performing with Lance Bass and Joey Fatone -- now he's jammin' with Fifty Cent. That's a bit of a difference.

10:08 Ferfie for Female Artist of the Year. Hmmmm. I love "Big Girls Don't Cry" as much as the next person, but really? Ok.

10:21 I have to admt, I'm not a huge Linkin Park devotee, but that performance rocked! Maybe the last half hour is where the real excitement come.

10:27 Fall Out Boy for Best Group? I know I've already declared the awards themselves irrelevant, but still...

10:37 I love Alicia Keys, and I can't wait to get her new CD, but I'm not really feeling her new song yet. Hopefully it'll grow on me, but it seems a little forced melodcally, and the lyrics are kinda ordinary. Loved the cover of George Michael's "Freedom," though. Wouldn't it have been awesome if he had shown up? Why didn't you make that happen, Timba-timba-timbaland?

10:48 Well that was a big hot mess. Jamie Foxx riffing on a Kid Rock/Tommy Lee fight (love it!), Jennifer Garner looking gorgeous but like she'd much rather be taking her daughter for a walk, both namedropping their upcoming movie, and then Garner announcing the winner as "Gym Class Fallout."

10:49 I can't handle that Miss Teen South Carolina just gave that speech. I literally threw up in my mouth.

10:59 Who is this big musical guest they keep teasing? I'm on pins and needles...

11:11 Wow, that was a letdown. Don't get me wrong, I always love seeing Justin, and Nellie is super-fly, but that was the performance we were all waiting for? It was more appropriate for a Timbaland tribute than the close of the VMA's. Ah well. Another one bites the dust.

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