Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Will Big Brother's Jameka Make a Deal With the Devil?

She has faced many hardships in the Big Brother house, including going on slop, sitting out of five HOH competitions, and getting verbally abused for her religious beliefs, but Jameka is about to face her biggest test yet -- deciding whether or not to make a deal with the devil.

As of now it seems the dastardly Donatos, Daniele and Dick, are planning on waiting until right before tomorrow's live eviction to present Jameka with the option of joining them and Zach in an attempt to evict Jessica this week and Eric next week (or, as it turns out with the double eviction, tomorrow night). The reason they are waiting until the last minute is to give Eric a false sense of security that Jessica is staying, so that when she does get evicted Eric will be so incensed he won't be able to concentrate on the competition.

Since Jameka will still be ineligible to compete in the HOH competition, if Jessica does get evicted, Daniele, Dick and Eric would be fighting it out for HOH. There will be only two votes cast (the two players who are not HOH or the nominees), and the Donatos plan on trying to get Jameka to pledge she will vote the way they want her to, in exchange for saving her this week.

The question is -- will Jameka take this deal? It is Dick, after all, who has called her a hypocrite, liar and other unprintable words for weeks now. Daniele and Dick are counting on the fact that Jameka will say what she needs to say to stay in the game, and then won't go back on her word, due to her faith. Does she want to win the game badly enough that she will make a deal with her Big Brother enemies? It would seem silly for her not to, if doing so means making it through tomorrow's eviction. Will her morals trump her desire to win, or will she do what she needs to do to advance in the game? Of course, things don't always go down in the Big Brother house the way you might expect them to, so stay tuned.

Either way, it looks like D & D are hell-bent on sending Jessica home, and from their perspective, I can't say I blame them. If Jess is given the boot, that removes a competitor who has won two HOH's, and D & D have a much stronger chance at winning HOH and choosing who will be on the block. I don't want to see her go, but I think at this point it's a bit of a foregone conclusion.

What do you think -- will Jameka sell her soul for a week or two more in the game?

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Sue said...

Under the stress of the game, she may agree. However, it should be obvious to her that the Donatos are making her this offer because they are going back on another alliance. So they can't be trusted, and they plan on asking too much in return.

The real subtext of their offer is that it's better for them to evict Jess now so they're going to do it. In the meantime, they want to extract their ton of flesh from Jameka. After all, they know her word is her bond, and they'll jetison Jameka at either final 5 or final 4.

This offer is of little value to her. She can't compete for head of household during the live program. To accept their offer, she gives up any future control of her own destiny, and at best she'll go at final 4 instead of final 5.

If I were Jameka, I'd be tempted to tell them to what they need to do.

Intestingly enough, Jameka currently seems to get along better with Dick than with Daniele.

There is no way the other players can let Jameka have any chance at final 2.

Anonymous said...

Initially I'd say no. There's no way in "hell" Jameka would do that.

But if she seriously questioned whether Eric would vote to keep her over Jessica, I gotta think Jameka might compromise those "morals." Of course that begs the question - what have morals got to do with BB, but that's the fun.

She'd be smart to take the deal. She's got nothing else to get her to the final four. And once there, anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

I think Jameka showed her hand tonite. She's no better than the "bad guys". Making a deal with Evil Dick and his manipulative daughter... she's the same as everyone else. She'll be the next to go.. Daniele and Dick have only one more obstacle to overcome to end up in the final two.
But tonite Zach proved to be the most stupid player in BB history. He could have guaranteed himself at least $50k, now he's guaranteed to get $0. Good going idiot.