Thursday, September 06, 2007

Four Possible Scenarios for Tonight's Big Brother Double Eviction

As painful as it is, I'm coming to terms with the fact that Jessica will be eliminated from Big Brother tonight. However, that won't be the end of the suspense...all week we've been teased that tonight will feature an infamous "double eviction." So, let's turn our thoughts to what might take place that sends a second houseguest packing.

The way I see it, assuming Jessica leaves, there are four possible scenarios for the way things could play out. Let's take a look at each one:

Eric wins HOH
If America's Player wins his first HOH competition, and Jess has just been eliminated, I'd say it's close to a no-brainer that Dick and Daniele would be the two nominees. Since Jameka and Zach would be the only votes cast (with Eric casting the deciding vote should there be a tie), I'd guess Daniele would get the boot, since Eric, Zach and Jameka must all know that sitting next to Dick in the Final 2 gives them a much better shot at the $500K than sitting next to Daniele does.

Eric wins HOH, but Daniele Wins the Veto
If Daniele wins the veto (not such a long shot considering she has picked up 4 POV's already this season), I'd guess Zach would go up in Dick's place, Jameka would vote to evict Dick, and Eric would cast the deciding vote. In this scenario, however, since Eric won't have to listen to what America wants him to do, would it be wiser for him to break up the D & D alliance, or to get rid of Zach and keep Dick around for the Final 2? Since he will be trying to avenge Jess, I would say he'll break up that powerful twosome the first chance he gets, and Dick will go home.

Daniele or Dick wins HOH
If either Donato wins HOH, Eric getting nominated is pretty much a given. I would think Zach would probably be his fellow nominee, since Jameka generally performs so poorly in competitions. If that is the case, the non-HOH Donato and Jameka would be casting votes, so in the worst case scenario for D & D they have a tie, and the HOH can break it. So, basically, if Daniele or Dick wins HOH, Eric will go home. Unless...

Daniele or Dick wins HOH but Eric wins POV
If Eric doesn't win HOH tonight, his only chance of saving himself is to win POV. If that does happen, and Daniele or Dick are forced to choose a replacement nominee, Jameka and Zach would be the two houseguests on the chopping block, and again D & D would have the power to decide who they want to leave. While Jameka would be tough to sit next to in the Final 2 because she has so many friends on the jury, I think they would choose to get rid of Zach, considering he is likely more of a threat in the challenges than Jameka is. It is possible, however, they'll want to send Jameka packing while they can, knowing Eric or Zach would be easier to beat in the Final 2 (at least for Daniele).

Wow, that's a lot of scenarios, with a lot of variables involved. Which, if any, of these possible outcomes do you think will happen?

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Anonymous said...

NO way if Jameka and Zach are on the block for D&D to evict will they vote for Zach. Jameka will go.

They'll keep Zach thinking he will stay with his latest alliance and help them evict Eric, which I think he would do.

Zach wants to sit next to Dick in the F2.

Anonymous said...

Here's a scenario I would love - Dick or Danielle win HOH -- whoever is not nominated wins power of veto, and removes one of the nominees, meaning the HOH Donato would have no choice but to nominate the other Donato. Before doing this, the veto winner could secure an agreement from the nominees that they will vote out the Donato and will align to get to the final 3.