Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Big Brother's Jen is Evil!

Playing with a full deck of cards is not a prerequisite for being a popular or successful Big Brother player, and even being a bit spoiled isn't usually enough to turn me violently against a houseguest. I mean, Janelle was my favorite player the last two seasons, and she isn't exactly Mother Theresa!

But Jen -- oooooooh Jen -- is just hate-worthy. Not only is she the most self-centered individual to ever play the game, she has absolutely no strategy, other than to make decisions based solely on her own misguided feelings. Case in point -- walking into the room where Daniele and Nick were hanging out, having a moment of awkwardness, and then concluding that Nick should be the one to go up on the block (because he is not paying her enough attention). She is so transparent it's almost painful to watch her.

And that red unitard? Arghhhhhhhhhh!

Now, of course once Daniele won the veto and took herself off the block Jen ended up going with the group consensus and putting Joe up in her place, so I will make the concession that she had at least one moment of clarity. And, truth be told, Joe was the best person for her to put up, since he clearly isn't too fond of her (he's the one who told Nick that Jen claimed he had tried to kiss her), and the fact that he has no concrete alliance means he will likely be easy to get rid of.

Which is not to say that I am happy that Joe is up. While he is loud and obnoxious, and, like Jen, seems motivated by personal feelings more than strategy (as illustrated by his attempt to get Dustin nominated), I also find him pretty humorous, and there is no doubt that if he sticks around he will continue to stir things up in an interesting way. In fact, if I was voting, I'd keep Joe instead of Evil Dick, even though the Dick/Daniele dynamic (how's that for alliteration?) is one of the season's most interesting storylines.

In fact, Daniele seems to be at the heart of most of the season's most buzzworthy moments. Not only has the uber-thin blonde battled her estranged father and won two straight veto competitions, she's also involved in a flirtation with Nick that will certainly have repercussions down the road (if for no one else than for her poor boyfriend at home). I also give her a lot of credit for calling out Jen after she made Amber cry -- there's nothing like a good ol' fashioned catfight to make the Big Brother house interesting.

And as for Amber's tears -- girl, pull yourself together! You're a mess!

So, I'm thinking Joe will get the boot this week, and I'll be sorry to see him go. Who do you think will be the second houseguest sent packing?

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