Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who is Going Home Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance?

I'm doing things a little backwards this morning -- look for my SYTYCD Recap and Rankings a bit later this afternoon.

But for now, let's look at who is likely to get the boot at this crucial point in the competition, just before the Top 10, which is the group that will get to go on the national tour. With such a talented group this year it's a shame that two will miss out on the fun -- who's it gonna be?

Bottom 3 Couples
Hok and Jaimie
Danny and Anya
Pasha and Sara

This is tricky, and, after batting 100% in my predictions last week, I'm less sure than I've been all season in my picks this week. One thing I do feel confident in -- Lacey and Kameron will be safe, and Hok and Jaimie are the most likely to have to dance for their lives tonight. I think it's possible Neil and Lauren could replace either Danny/Anya or Pasha/Sara, but the fact that they danced a number choreographed by the beloved Mia Michaels may keep them out of the bottom. Danny and Anya were stunning (my favorites of the night), but after two straight weeks in the Bottom 3, will they be able to rejuvenate their audience support?

Eliminated Boy: Hok

I love him, the audience loves him, and it'll be a damn shame if he doesn't get to tour, but Hok is clearly the weakest male contestant left in the competition. I think the judges would actually prefer to get rid of Kameron, but since it's unlikely he and Lacey will be put in the Bottom 3, expect to say goodbye to the very entertaining B-boy.

Eliminated Girl: Sara

I'd probably send Lauren packing if I had the chance, but if Mia Michaels stunning work keeps her out of danger, Sara's lack of technical training is likely to be her downfall. Her only saving grace would be Anya flubbing another solo routine, or Lauren slipping into the Bottom 3.

What do you think? Who is most in danger of going home tonight?

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Steph said...

I actually think Kameron and Lacey will be in the bottom 3 and Kameron will be sent home. Maybe its wishful thinking but that should be it, their routine wasn't so hot last night.

Pasha and Sara were AWESOME so I doubt they will make the bottom 3..

For girls, I hope Lauren goes...


Anonymous said...

My favorites were Pasha and Sara, Anya and Danny, and Sabre and Dominic... Send home Lauren and Hok...