Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rankings and Recap for SYTYCD's Top 10

Ok, I'm gonna come out and say it -- last night's So You Think You Can Dance was weird.

Maybe it was the fact that the partners were all switched up, or maybe it was the shortened routines (was it just me, or did they each seem like they were at most 1 minue long?), or perhaps it was the fact that each of the dancers had to dance the exact same solo, but something about the whole exercise last night felt a bit rushed and disjointed.

Having said that, let's get to the rankings:

1. Sabra and Kameron
Wow, the judges really aren't that into Kameron, are they? I thought this was a beautiful routine, and I thought it was well executed by both partners. Easily my favorite of the night.

2. Sara and Neil
Disco is never my favorite style, and I think it usually comes off as cheesy and amateurish, but Sara and Neil committed to it so completely I couldn't help but be charmed. Is there a style Sara can't do?

3. Lacey and Danny
With this being Lacey's specialty, and Danny being, well, Danny, I expected to be blown away by this samba, but the disjointed choreography prevented me from getting into it as much as I might have liked to. However, these kids did provide some heat, so I'll give them that.

4. Lauren and Pasha
There was nothing wrong with this performance -- it just didn't seem to go anywhere. Pasha continues to surprise me with his versatility, and Lauren definitely stepped it up a notch, but it's hard for me to imagine this routine had people running to their phones.

5. Jaimie and D-Trix
Was that a Viennese Waltz or a Paso Doble? Whichever it was, it wasn't very good.

As for the solos, which all blended into one another in my eyes, I'd give top honors to Danny, Lauren, Sabra and Kameron, with D-Trix and Pasha definitely showing their limitations.

Overall, here's my individual rankings:
1. Sabra
2. Danny
3. Lacey
4. Sara
5. Kameron
6. Neil
7. Pasha
8. Lauren
9. Jaimie
10. D-Trix

Check back soon for my thoughts on who will go home tonight.


nick said...

A couple of my thoughts...

Why does Cat refuse to say the word "Judges"

and perhaps even more importantly....

Why does everyone refuse to mention the existence of Heidi?

Sean said...

Based on last night's episode, I choose to vote off Nigle and Wade for that abysmal episode of repetative solos that were for the most part painful to behold.

Personally, after last night my top 4 dancers are Danny, Sabra, Lauren & Jamie

I think we shouldn't be restricted to only voting off "couples" or as it is, one guy and one girl. why not vote off two guys or girls.

It's not like guys and girls haven't danced together on the show before? Tranji anyone? Personally I want to see Jamie & Sabra do a Paso together. I bet it would be better than that "thing" that Demetri choreographed.

Anonymous said...

I have also been wondering why they never mention Heidi as assisting the choreographers!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with Sarah as a dancer....

When guys have no training they PRAISE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!!!

She is really really good... I really liked her solo last night!