Friday, July 20, 2007

Lucky, Lucky Lauren: Anya and Hok Eliminated from SYTYCD

Lauren Gotlieb clearly said her prayers on Wednesday night, because a bit of divine intervention has allowed her to stay in the competition another week. Yep, it looked like Lauren was a goner once it was announced that she and Neil had fallen into the Bottom 3 (despite dancing a routine by the Emmy nominated Mia Michaels), but she danced her face off and managed to save herself.

Unfortunately it came at the expense of Anya, who has had way more highs (that jive? that foxtrot?) that Lauren has had, even if she has had a few lows herself (her hip hop a few weeks back was pretty painful). It's her solos that ulitmately did her in, though -- after three straight weeks of uninspiring strutting around the stage, the judges clearly decided that was all she had to offer when not working with a partner. It's a real shame, because Anya's work ethic is tremendous and she has been truly resplendent at points, while Lauren has yet to really have one "wow" moment. Not only that, Anya's last moments on the show had her wearing an unflattering hairstyle and no make-up, so not only does she not get to tour, she left looking the worse she has looked all season. That's gotta suck!

What also sucks is that Hok is not going to be able to tour. It wasn't much of a surprise, especially once Kameron avoided a Bottom 3 showing, that Hok was going to be the one to go, but it's still disappointing that the charming B-boy, who first showed up in Season 1 of the show, won't be able to dazzle the nation with his crazy tricks on the tour. He is adorable, though, and I have no doubt he'll show up in a commercial or music video sometime soon.

A few thoughts on the rest of the show:

-Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to tell who is who in the opening numbers this season? Maybe it's the fast moving choreography, or maybe it's shoddy camera work, but it'd be nice if I could put a name and face with the dancing bodies.

-Tap is not really my thing, but my friends who were watching the show with me (shout out to KT and LR) seemed very impressed with the solo performer. So -- kudos to him.

-Enrique Iglesias -- never the same since he got rid of the mole. I'm just saying.

-Did anyone else see Kat holding back tears at the end of the show? I rewound it three times in an effort to convince my pals this was happening, but I'm not sure they are sold. Can anyone confirm my suspicions?

Next week brings us the Top 10, and the partners will be changed up. Can't wait!

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Sean said...

Anya - I don't have any really good reason, I just never liked her. Perhaps it was the slutty solo costumes or my lack of interest in ballroom solos. I was hoping she'd leave the week jessie got the boot, and I'm not sad to see her go now.

Hok - I feel that Hok got ripped off here. He has far more talent in other styles than I would have thought based on his early performances pre-top 20. I blame much of his poor performance in the Waltz on the choreographer's lack of assistance more than his lack of ability. He would have been a fan favorite on the tour, and instead we got to keep Neil, who wants to be Danny, but although he has some great "tricks" his actual basic dancing skills just don't compare.

Yes, I caught Kat's eyes welling up as well, there's no doubt. But I feel she's been more emotional over all this season. In her defence I've even found myself weepy at some of the incredible danc this year. (and Jamie's annoying voice but that's a different story.) This year really is showing off some incredible talent in america's young dancing ranks.

That tap performance WAS awesome.. his performance wasn't full of "tricks" just an incredible grasp of the roots of Tap and was awe-inspiring to watch.

My complaint about the opening number last night was that the entire intro to the show was formatted for widescreen and looked understandubly squashed on my non-widescreen TV.. I'd love to hear if anyone watching it in high def had a better view because it looked like garbage without it. Luckily they "fixed" it after the credits.

On a side note, interesting to learn who Jamie's teacher is.. It sure explains a lot about her form and ability.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Kat holding tears back as well.

Anonymous said...

I have said the same thing about being able to tell who is who during the opening dances. That's why I tape every show so I can rewind and also to keep the dances that I enjoy the most.

I'm very much upset with the way people have perceived Danny to be. In my opinion, Danny has an abundance of talent and when your talent is so evident, you can't say that a person is arrogant because of his dance. I haven't nothing in his personality, the way he talks, relates to others or the judges that would warrant the negative responses about his character that people are continually saying about him.

No one on the show, to my knowledge, has danced with an actual ballet dance type ensemble, but Danny. Whenever I've seen ballet dancers, I've always noticed that they are poised and controlled in their behavior, so what is the description for it, that they are all "arrogant?" I wish that people would think for themselves instead of following the head sheep with whatever they say as being golden.

I hate that Anya didn't get an even break on the being in the bottom 3 for 3 consecutive shows all because negativity about Danny's personality (non-evident to me). They out danced Lacey and Kameron on every show, yet because Lacey's brother is Benji, everyone seems to think that she is supposed to win also. That means that Kameron rode the wave of good fortune when he literally sucked in basically every dance.

I don't understand the prejudice of people choosing because of popularity, when popularity means what...someone says something negative about a good dancer and because that good dancer is a threat he or she is thrown under the bus because of someone else's "popularity".

I sincerely hope someone figures out that giving America the opportunity to vote people out is not making good television. Because any Tom, Dick, Harry or numbskull can sit and make phone calls for the wrong talent person while opting not to vote for the more talented person.

My final four:

Jaime (possibly Lacey, but I don't care for her)

The way people are ganging up on Danny, I feel that he will be off the show soon and that's completely unfair. He doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

Last night, Neil simply looked like a kid jumping around on stage. I didn't feel anything from his dance. Hok left it on the floor and I was happy that he left the floor dancing, to say "I'm not done yet."

Everyone knows that Kameron should have been down there trying to prove why he's in the competition, but no one want to admit it. Kameron has never impressed me. He's clunky and immature. He simply can't dance to me.

It's not my show and it doesn't matter what my opinions are, except to me, so we'll see what transpires over the next few weeks.

I think I'm done watching the show if Danny gets voted out, because I know it would be more for prejudice and misjudgement than all about his dance.

Sean said...

Based purely on skill Jamie, Danny are shoe-ins for the top 4. But as many, many, MANY "reality" shows have proven... skill means little compared to popularity. Danny finally came out of his shell and showed some great personality this week and I couldn't have been happier as I hope it means he will start connecting with the greater audience who really don't understand dance.
Look at last year as a perfect example.
Travis, was by far the more skilled technical dancer with amazing technique. But Benji, the lovable guy he was won out because the public connected with him more than they did Travis.

as for the other 2 in the top 4? I personally like Lacey, but that's far from being based soley on dance skill :)
Sabra and D-trix just haven't done it for me.. yet

Anonymous said...

I would have eliminated Neil and Lauren. They both have a lot of talent, but they have consistently underperformed every routine since the beginning, including, in my opinion, the Mia Michaels piece this week – one that I thought would just wow me. I was excited about both of them at the beginning, but, to me, they have been such a disappointment.

Also, I recall that Lauren worked as an assistant to one of the choreographers last year. It wasn’t Wade Robson, was it? If so, that would have been a bit of a conflict in my mind, but I just cannot recall with whom she worked. It was pretty clear on Mary's face how she felt about the whole thing.

I thought Anya was very good, and I am surprised that they chose to let her go. I thought that they would have wanted her to dance with Pasha on tour to show a truly elegant ballroom routine. Also, I though that Danny and Anya gave the performance of the night this week, and I always hate to see someone leave after that.

Neil, as one of the previous comments noted, is just like Danny, but nowhere near as strong. While all of the tour dates will likely sell out with the current line-up, I think seeing Hok’s incredible stunts live would have ensured sold out venues. I would have been interested in seeing him live, but I am less excited about the tour now.

Meredith said...

I understand it's human nature to vote for the dancers you like most. However, after seeing the two best dancers on the show repeatidly placed in the bottom three, I am now questioning whether or not I want to continue watching. I thought this show was supose to be about one's skill as a dancer (which should incorporate technique as well as performance) - but it's becoming nothing more than a popularity contest. Even here, reference is made to the fact that it shouldn't be about popularity-- only to be followed by, "I don't care for Lacey."
Personally, I can hardly stomach watching Dominick (and listening to him is even worse) but that has no bearing on whether or not he's doing a good job and should be voted for.