Monday, July 09, 2007

Big Brother 8, Episode 2: Crying Over a Photo

There was a moment during last night's Big Brother that perfectly illustrates why I love this show -- Jen sees her photograph on the contestants board, and starts hysterically crying.

Genius, people. Sheer genius.

Where else on television can a woman come unhinged over an arguably unflattering photo, and then at least 3 minutes of screen time is devoted to her reaction, along with the reactions of her housemates to her reaction? Only Big Brother, people, only Big Brother.

Some other thoughts on last night's episode:

-Kael took the easy, but smart, way out in nominating Carol and Amber, giving the excuse that they were the first team eliminated in the HOH competition. I don't quite understand why Kael tried so hard to get HOH, only to sort of wimp out on the nominations, but she's a "multi-business owner," so perhaps her logic is too advanced for me. If I was Amber, the only mother in the house besides Kael, I'd be pissed too.

-Daniele may wind up being the most compelling player in the house. Watching her navigate her game strategy with the emotions having her estranged father bring up is somewhat fascinating to watch.

-On the flip side, Jen and Jessica are in stiff competition with each other for dumbest/most annoying player in the house. Jen is literally good for nothing, and Jessica's voice is so high pitch, and some of her comments so off the wall, that I almost think she's acting.

-Yes, Joe is loud and annoying, but Joe is also funny. Really funny.

That's it for now...can't wait until tomorrow to see who wins the power of veto, and whether they use it early in the game!

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