Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big Brother's Nick Reveals He Has a Top 5 List of Guys To Sleep With

What is Nick's deal? I'm just fascinated by this guy!

He flirts with Daniele. He flirts with Amber. He flirts with Carol. He flirts with Joe. He flirts with Dustin.

Anyone else noticing a pattern here? The guy's a bit of a flirt.

But it's not like we haven't seen flirts in the Big Brother house before. What makes Nick different than, say, Jase or Drew from seasons past, is that he is such an equal opportunity flirt -- both women and gay men get the "special" treatment from Nick. But, really, if that was all it was, there wouldn't be much to say.

No, what makes this so interesting is that, within five short days, he has provided so much fodder for speculation as to his sexuality. I mean, there is harmless flirting, and there is the way that Nick is behaving. He was dry humped by Joe, massaged by Dustin, denied kissing Jen...and now this.

Yes, the story continues with Nick revealing to Zach and Evil Dick that he has a list of the Top 5 guys that he would like to sleep with, and that Blade 2 actor Ryan Reynolds appears on that list. Zach and Dick then proceed to tease Nick mercilessly, at which point he backs down a little, perhaps realizing that his bisexual strategy isn't working on these two very heterosexual fellas.

Or is it just a strategy? Is Nick just playing the game, or is he really having some sort of sexual identity crisis?

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Who Am I? said...

I think he's comfortable with his sexuality, which I consider to be bisexual but leaning toward straight, and there's not really an identity crisis.

The crisis or ambiguity to me comes from how other people are thrown by how comfortable he is with being bi, and aren't used to that.