Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Brother's Dick for 'Father of the Year'?

Last night's Big Brother was gripping, and it had pretty much nothing to do with the game itself.

Yes, as expected, Kail and Jen were nominated for eviction -- Jen had put current HOH Dick on the block last week, and Kail had campaigned to try and get him eliminated, so it's not much of a surprise that Dick repaid the favor to both ladies.

No, the drama came, once again, from Daniele and her formerly estranged father. Daniele confided to Dick that she was starting to have feelings for Nick, and that it was really upsetting her because she is crazy in love with her boyfriend, and doesn't want to do something that will screw that up. It was such a real moment, watching her tearily allow herself to be vulnerable in front of her father, that for a second I actually forgot I was watching Big Brother. Watching Dick trying to come up with the right thing to say to his hurting daughter was really moving, which, for a show about backstabbing, deceit and lies, really caught me by surprise. Dick may be loud and obnoxious, but it is also very clear that he cares deeply for his daughter, and watching him try to reach out to her (and then warn Nick about hurting her) was both painful and heartwarming.

As for the content of what they were discussing -- Daniele, forget about Nick! Yes, he's hunky and he's got crazy appealing bedroom eyes, but he is definitely not worth f'ing up your relationship for!

Yes, Nick -- there was finally some attention paid to his seemingly malleable sexuality, as he revealed that he has a "Top 5" list of male (and female) celebrities that he would like to sleep with. The homophobic taunting that he got from Zach and Dick was kind of a nightmare to watch, and I actually have to give Nick credit for declaring his comfort level with his sexuality. His best line of the night? "Sure, I might make some homoerotic comments..." Nick, ya think?

Jen -- oy. Is she even human? She's "not sure" if she feels bad that Jamiqua has been on slop for 2 weeks, but she does feel something? After her nomination, she "feels the same as yesterday"? This girl belongs on Beauty and the Geek as one of the airhead princesses -- get her out!

But will she get the boot before Kail, who is easily playing the worst game of any of the contestants in the house, and annoys me incessantly with her small-town views on homosexuality ("It's easy to forget the Dustin is gay" -- but why, Kail, should you have to forget that Dustin is gay for you to like him?) She is strategizing, sure, but basically every move that she is making is a bad one. She's so cagey and paranoid it is actually sometimes difficult to watch her.

Maybe we could have a 2-for-1 special and get both Jen and Kail outta here?

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