Thursday, July 12, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Top 14 - Who is Going Home Tonight?

You can read my recap and rankings from last night's show here, but here are my predictions for the Bottom 3 couples of the evening, and which male and female dancer will be sent packin'.

Bottom 3 Couples:
Cedric and Shauna
Hok and Jaimie
Danny and Anya

Cedric and Shauna seem to be a no-brainer -- if they are not in the Bottom 3, there is something seriously wrong with America. Hok and Jaimie have yet to put in an appearance at the bottom yet, but waltz doesn't tend to be an audience favorite, and the fact that it wasn't executed to perfection means they will probably be making their first trip to the "dance for your life" zone this evening. As for the third couple, I would have put Sara and Pasha here, but based on some of the comments of Idol Thoughts readers (as well as the raves from the judges), it seems like they will be spared. Which leaves D-Trix/Sabra, Neil/Lauren, Lacey/Kameron, and Danny/Anya, and I think it's the latter couple, whose routine left me (and Adam Shenkman) a little cold, that will be forced to prove they deserve to stay for the second straight episode.

Eliminated Guy: Cedric

As long as he and Shauna are in the Bottom 3, he's gone. If he somehow manages to avoid having to save himself tonight, expect Hok to say bye-bye.

Eliminated Girl: Shauna

Jaimie has dazzled the past two weeks, and the judges seem to have a big soft spot for Anya, which means Shauna is the likely evictee. Last time she was in the Bottom 3 she danced her face off and saved herself -- will she be able to do it again? If somehow she manages to stay, it's possible Jaimie's extension will work more effectively than Anya's partner-less ballroom, and the Russian diva may get the boot.


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Sean said...

Well I don't know if it's what I WANT to happen, but I think you're spot on what WILL happen tonight.

My personally preference would be Cedric and Anya, Shauna danced spectacularly her first time in the bottom three and as much as Jamie annoys me in many ways, she is lovely to look at.

What I WOULD like to see though is this weeks celebrity judge back more often. He wasn't a Paula Abdul wannabe and actually had some very insightful comments for the dancers. I think it was also clear that Nigel respected huim and they play between them was nice to see.

The less said about Mary the better

Anonymous said...

I find Anya unconvincing in everything she does except her native Latin dance. Please, can she go home now?

Anonymous said...

I think that Shauna got a raw deal.... People have comment on her couple dances being amature. She has been stuck with Cedric this whole time who is an amature. Almost every week she has had to "Dance for her life." I would have like to see her dance with one of the other men to see what she really could do when pair with someone good.