Friday, July 13, 2007

Carol Gets the Boot, and (Gasp!) Jen Wins HOH on Big Brother 8

Is it just me, or does Julie Chen now seem to get a little twinkle in her eye every time she says "But first." It's like she knows it will be on youtube within minutes. Ah Chen-bot, how we love you.

So, not much of a surprise, Carol gets the boot. I like that Evil Dick referred to Carol and, I'm assuming, Jessica and Jen as the "Princess Posse." Those three really are good for nothing, aren't they? I'd include Daniele in that group as well, but at least she's got some complicated stuff going on in terms of her relationship with her father, so we'll cut her some slack. Although, the girl needs to start eating stat -- she's wasting away.

No, not much of a shocker that it was Carol that got sent packing, although I'm a little surprised the houseguests don't see the emotional Andrea as more of a threat. It was entertaining to watch Carol struggle to articulate her feelings for Jessica, and then be totally shocked to hear the nasty things Jessica had to say about her. The look on her face as she watched the clips of Jessica's lovely comments was priceless.

No, the real shocker of the night was Jen winning HOH. Whaaaaaaaaat? This should certainly be an interesting week, as it's hard to read where Jen's head is at in this game. Will she target Nick, who embarrassed her by calling her out on her lie that he had tried to kiss her? Will she go for Jessica and Daniele, her competitors for the BB8 Bimbo title? Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, it was Jen who cast the lone vote to evict Andrea, which shows how out of touch she is with the rest of the house. Should be an interesting week...

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