Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who is Going Home Tonight on SYTYCD?

This is the week on So You Think You Can Dance when we see who has been coasting by on their previous partner's popularity (say that 3 times fast!), and who truly has a sizable fanbase of their own. Should be interesting!

I'm not entirely sure how they are going to identify who is going home, or if they will call out a Bottom 3, but here is who I think is most in danger this evening:

Eliminated Girl: Lauren Gotleib
I'm guessing Sabra and Lacey are both safe -- both were great last night, and both seem to have a lot of fans. I'm also thinking Sara's dynamic disco performance will be enough to keep her around another week.

Which leaves Jaimie and Lauren. While Lauren probably gave a better overall performance last night, Jaimie has been stronger throughout the competition, and is more clearly in danger after her disastrous Viennese Waltz with D-Trix, and as we all know from American Idol, when the viewers smell danger they start dialing -- a lot. Because of this, I'm predicting Lauren will be the one to go.

Eliminated Boy: Danny Tidwell
Pasha -- safe. He's charming and people love him.

D-Trix -- one bad week won't be enough to get him eliminated.

Neil -- the audience clearly loves him, and his disco further cemented his appeal. He's safe.

Which leaves Kameron and Danny. Clearly the judges would like to see Kameron given the boot, but his emotional solo, and the look on his face when the judges praised his solo, may be enough to save him. Could Danny, easily the most talented dancer on the show, be given the boot tonight? The show will be less because of it, but I think he's going to be the one sent packin'.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?


Sean said...

Apparently I really need to fire up the PVR and watch this again, bcause to me, the disco was boring and Sarah showed little if any femininity despite being well costumed.
My votes are to send home Sarah and D-trix I feel he's actually getting worse as the show goes on or Neil, why the audience loves him is beyond me

Anonymous said...

Danny had the last solo and was clearly magnificent. I think he'll be safe. My guess is Kameron and Jaime are leaving. At this point though, all the dancers are wonderful and its sad to see any of them leave.

Anonymous said...

Last night was tough for me. I am inclined to agree that Lauren and Jamie would be the bottom two females, but I think that Lauren will edge out Jamie. Jamie's solo, in my opinion, was terrible. I have always thought that Jamie is not very intelligent. The solo, however, was a significant example of it affecting her dance. She was unable to translate the emotions of the piece into anything. The comment that she was flat emotionally resonated with me, but I think it is because she just did not get it. Also, the “waltz” was the train wreck that I thought it would be. I think that she will suffer for it.

With the males, it is a bit harder for me. I am inclined to agree that Pasha is safe. I think he will get credit for stepping out of his comfort zone and doing a respectable job with the piece. I had my doubts, and he exceeded expectations. With regard to Danny, I did not think that his paired routine was that special, but, his solo, as I expected, was incredible. The producers knew what they were doing in putting him last (though the concept was dreadful – more on that below). Anyone who followed him would have looked really bad. I was so tired of the solos by his performance, but his turn gave it new life. I think he will be safe. Neil was okay. The disco was very fun and entertaining, which will go a log way, and his solo was okay. My guess at the bottom two would be Dominic and Kameron. I think Kameron will be the one to go.

I get the concept of the solos (the best way to measure everyone against each other is to have them do the same thing), but they did not work for me. Ten people doing the same solo became repetitive and boring very quickly. Also, the solo just was not very interesting to me. In particular, I did not like the scream at all. Perhaps this was due, in part, to Jamie going first. She had no emotion in it and the scream did not come through at all. It just seemed like one big technical malfunction. Also, I thought the camera work on the solos was very poor.


Bree said...

Last night's show was a bit weird, but I actually LOVED the disco of Sara/Neil, then the hip-hop routine done by Pasha/Lauren, and finally the samba with Lacey/Danny.
I predict that Jaimie will be going home (neither her solo or the partner dance were any good) from the girls. Sabra is a favorite, and none of the other girls really deserve it based on their performances last night.
For the guys...I'm thinking it will be Kameron. Danny kicked butt on that solo, as did Neil and Pasha...I was "eh" on Kameron and Dominic. Dominic's performance last night MAY have gotten him the boot, but I think it will be Kameron. A toss-up to me.

Anonymous said...

I doubt performance matters anymore. People have their minds made up. They protect their favorites who get negative comments. Dominic & Kameron will get "sympathy votes" - just like Cedric.

Who is leaving? It's a toss-up between Danny and Neil. They've both been in the Bottom 3 previously. Neil, twice. Danny, three times.

Tonight we finally find out if Kameron has a fan base or if Lacey has been carrying him this entire time.

For the ladies, it's a toss-up between Lauren & Jaimie. I think it's bye-bye Jaimie. She's been in the Bottom 3 twice already. Hok was the popular one in that pair. I don't think Jaimie has a big fan base. She's not memorable and doesn't connect with the audience. Lauren may be disliked, but at least she's not boring like Jaimie.