Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spoilers For This Week's SYTYCD Top 10

You know the drill...if you want to be surprised, STOP READING NOW!

This is the week where they change up the partners on So You Think You Can Dance, so we'll get the chance to see who has been coasting on the strength of their partner, and who has what it takes to survive in this cuthroat competition.

Here are the partners and dance styles for this week's show:

Lauren and Pasha — Hip-Hop
Sabra and Kameron — Contemporary
Lacey and Danny — Samba
Jaimie and Dominic — Viennese Waltz
Sara and Neil — Disco

In addition, each of the dancers will be performing a solo to “Waiting For the World To Change,” choreographed by Wade Robson.



Steph said...

Ok this is going to be INTERESTING!

Lauren and Pasha: he always brings the best out of his partners, lets see if it works for Lauren..

Kameron and Sabra: This is Sabra's element, let see if Kam can keep up with her here..

Lacey and Danny: THis should be spectacular

Jamie and Dominic: Is Jaime a magnet for these dances? Might be tough for Dominic

Sara and Neil: THis one should be lots of fun!

Oh and Wade Robson choreography, I'm in heaven!


Anonymous said...

I have my doubts about Lauren and Pasha. I have such low hopes for Lauren after being disappointed every week, and I don't see Pasha pulling off Hip-Hop very well.

I am very excitted about Sabra. I, too, am not sure that Kameron will keep up.

Lacey and Danny. Should be great. I hope that Danny continues the magic he had last week.

Jaimie and Dominic. If Dominic pulls this one off, he could make it all the way to the final four. I have my doubts that he will. I think Jaimie will look beautiful, but it could be a total train wreck that brings them both down.

I am looking forward to Sara doing a Disco -- should be fun. Neil -- I have had such high hopes for him every time, and every time he falls flat. Perhaps he can find some spark with a new partner.

I cannot wait for the solos.

Anonymous said...

Lauren--not impressed Pasha--hmmm this will be interesting.

Sabra I love her and she'll be great. Kameron better keep up with her but she's so going to outshine him

Danny: can't stand him but watch him do a good job of keeping up with her--Lacey-she's great

Jaime: oh my goodness she needs to go sorry and Dominic! I am rooting for him all the way but this is a toughie

sara and neil--in trouble because disco put sabra and dominic in the bottom--as a category it's a toughie

I love em all and this will be a really interesting week.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm confused. This is the first year that I've watched the show...the dancers each have to dance the same exact solo one after the other? The same choreography, music ,etc. for everyone? That is really weird! As far as the couples dances, I think that Lacey and Danny's routine will be awesome. Sabra will be beautiful in the contemporary routine. It will be interesting to see how Pasha does with the hip hop - he's been so good at everything else he's done. I think that Jamie and Dominic will do great with the waltz - she has already had a lot of practice with this dance and he is turning into a fabulous partner dancer. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Anonymous said...


I find it funny that Lacey and Danny are said to be partnered up, sense both of their brothers ((Benji and Travis of course!!))were in the top 2 last year! Should be very intresting.

The solo routine info throws me off...details please: same routines?? Odd.

This is BOTH, ((not just Sabras)) element with contempary, so Kameron better woop up into giving a good dance. Go check out fox.com/dance- Kameron does mention he is considered both hip/hop and contempary.

Let's just see what happens, though!!