Friday, July 20, 2007

There's No Keeping Big Brother's Dick in a Box

Forgive the title of this post -- I couldn't help myself.

Yes, Evel Dick managed to avoid elimination last night, even after a last-minute attempt by Kail to sway the house against him, meaning the entertaining (as well as loud and obnoxious) Joe was the second houseguest to be eliminated. I'll miss Joe's antics a bit, but the sooner we can get rid of the "sleeping with the enemy" twist, the better, as Big Brother is always most enjoyable when it's about the relationships between people in the house than it is when external influences are brought into play.

As for Kail's campaigning against Dick -- why? For someone who is so paranoid about the game, and is constantly worried about things she does coming back to bite her in the ass, why put herself on the line in a week when it seemed fairly obvious Joe was going to get the boot? For someone who fancies herself a brilliant businesswoman, Kail seems kind of dense to me.

Daniele, meanwhile, continues to surprise me. She's playing the game cautiously, and wisely, and if she can keep her father under control, she might go very far in this game. Now if she'd only eat a sandwich!

One thing is certain -- Daniele won't be on the block this week, now that Dick has become Head of Household. Yes, the hits keep on coming -- after Jen's reign of terror this week, it should be very interesting what a week with Dick in charge looks like. My guesses for who he will nominate -- Jen and Kail.

Other thoughts on last night's show:

-Dustin seems very level headed and smart -- I like him. Now if only he'd stop wearing those god-awful V-neck shirts!

-Was it really necessary to watch an interview with "the guy that got between Joe and Dustin"? It's not like he had much to add to the story, and the former boyfriends were entertaining enough on their own.

-Finally, was it just me, or was Julie Chen obsessed with Jen's unitard last night? Between the chat with the houseguests and the HOH competition, it must have come up half a dozen times. Please, don't give this girl any more attention -- she feeds off of it!

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