Monday, July 16, 2007

Who is in Danger This Week on So You Think You Can Dance?

We're down to the Top 12 on So You Think You Can Dance, which means there is just one more week where the judges get to decide who stays and who goes, before America takes over the reins completely. What will happen during this crucial week?

Even more so than on American Idol, the style of dance that the contestants choose can dictate whether they stay or go. Performing a Mia Michaels or a Wade Robson piece, for example, is almost a sure-fire way to stick around, while having to dance the waltz could very easily lead to a trip to the Bottom 3. Thus, making predictions is a difficult exercise...but I'm gonna try and do it anyways!

The couples left in the competition are:

The only one of these couples to never spend time in the Bottom 3 is Lacey and Kameron, so I'm guessing the audience will continue to shower them with love and they will cruise on into the Top 10. Ditto Sabra and D-Trix, who have put up two stellar performances in a row, and seem to be gaining momentum weekly. I'm also thinking Danny and Anya will make it through this week -- two straight Bottom 3 appearances doesn't bode well, but if they choose a style that let's them shine, their natural gifts should allow them to be just fine.

Which would leave Jaimie/Hok, Lauren/Neil, and Sara/Pasha as the Bottom 3 couples. If this turns out to be the case, who would be most in danger of getting the boot?

If history proves to be an accurate guide, the judges will take this final opportunity to determine who is the most versatile and promising individuals. As such, expect Jaimie to be given a spot in the Top 10, leaving Lauren and Sara to battle it out for the final girl's spot. Lauren's last solo was far from impressive, but I think she'll step it up a notch and show enough technical proficiency to merit moving forward, meaning B-girl Sara, who has admirably risen to every challenge thrown at her all season, will be the one to leave.

As for the boys, it's a little more unclear. Hok is clearly the least trained dancer, but he's also arguably the most charismatic fellow left in the competition. Pasha is great at what he does, and has had moments of genius in other styles, but his solo is likely to be underwhelming. And then there's Neil, adorable Neil, who can do all sorts of crazy tricks, but is too inconsistent in his partner dances to be considered a shoo-in. While I think the judges would probably like to send Kameron packing, the fact that he is unlikely to have to "dance for his life" means the decision will be between these three young men, and I'm thinking Neil is most in danger of getting the boot.

What do you think -- who is most in danger of being eliminated this week?

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nick said...

You also have to consider who would make the best cast for the national tour. While all couples still there will be on tour (this weeks eliminated will be the alternates), the top 10 are the ones we'll all be paying money to see. Which is why I think they've saved Anya two weeks in a row. They want Pasha and Anya to be able to dance together on tour. I don't see the need for two B Boys on tour and I think the judges could take that into consideration and eliminate whichever of them ends up in the bottom 3 this week.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your bottom 3 picks: Jaimie/Hok, Lauren/Neil, and Sara/Pasha. I don't think that Lauren is improving weekly; in fact, I don't think she ever truly rose to the level the judges expected of her, so she won't make the top 10. Between Pasha, Neil, and Hok - while Hok is charismatic and very good at what his natural style is, he too hasn't improved since the hummingbird dance- although if he makes it to the top 10, its because the judges want him to do that dance on the tour. If not, than I'm guessing Hok will be the male leaving tomorrow night.