Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Brother Episode 1: Back in the House

Big Brother is back! Better than ever? Well, that remains to be seen.

First off, Julie Chen -- where did you go? You are about 70% of the size you were the last time we saw you. I know your hubby Les Moonves makes some good cash -- can you get him to buy you a sandwich?

As for the contestants, is it just me, or do they seem even more hard-bodied and vapid than ever? I suppose this happens every year, but overall this seems like a pretty vacant bunch. I actually got excited when Kail showed up, if only to have a woman of some substance around, but she had to go and ruin that straight off with her "I would be devastated if my children where gay" speech. Sorry, Kail, I'm over you, despite the fact that you are a "multi-business owner." Amber and Jamiqua seem like they could be more than just pretty faces, but I think Jen, and her never-ending list of "occupations," probably takes the cake (in the first episode, at least) for just plain silliest. Janelle, I miss you!

And then there's Joe. Oh, Joe. Let's see, what do we know about Joe so far? That he's bitter, manipulative, destructive, and, oh yeah, that he had "the clap." Big Brother, where do you find these people?

I'm not sure how I feel about this "sleeping with the enemy" twist so far, but I can tell you that a $5 rivalry from 7th grade doesn't seem very fruitful for drama. An estranged father/daughter duo, however -- that could be interesting. And as for "American's Player"? Eric seems so insecure and dodgy I can't seem him lasting very long. But perhaps the directions America gives him will allow him to stay in the game.

Bottom line -- I'm hooked already. Sunday can't come soon enough!

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tim said...

This is THE VAPID show of all time! I can never get past the first couple of episodes and even that is just for the tv eye candy. And I cannot stand Julie Chen, I'm not sure why, I think its just the whole concept. I'm watching tennis this summer anyway.

Joshua said...

Yeah, so far this cast leaves a lot to be desired, but I'm sure we'll get some good drama and game-play nonetheless. You've got to watch the live feed on Showtime. I never watched the internet feeds in past years, but last night I watched "After Dark", which is the live feed from midnight to 3am on Showtime Too.

The feed cemented my disdain for Joe (shady attention-whore)and
made me really start to like Dick.
Most interesting of all, it started to show Nick as possibly the player with the most skeletons. (Major flirting with Joe, revelations of an interesting sexual past, professing "his" celeb guys as Ryan Reynolds and McConaughey, etc.) He seems to be the one to watch...

I don't really know why there aren't any 'older' people other than Kail and Dick who don't fit the typical "older player" mold, and only one black girl. And of course leave it to Big Brother to keep stereotypes alive & well with a snarky gay guy from a hair salon, and a Bible-thumper who abhors the "gay lifestyle".

Anonymous said...

Considering that Daniele is still 20, how did she qualify when the BB rules stipulate that contestants must be 21 years of age?